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Which TV Antenna Should I choose?

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Hi! Can anyone tell me which TV Antenna should I choose? I am currently living in a rural area. My budget is no more than 300$. I am using Ecostar LED TV. So suggest me accordingly.

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Antop 800SBS, Antop 400BV, and Marathon Plus are similar variations of the same antenna. Good compact design with good reception reliability. With a UHF flat panel and VHF dipole and indoor stand. The 800SBS has an internal amplifier with adjustable gain, whereas the 400BV allows for an external amplifier. The Marathon has a built in amplifier but does not have adjustable gain. Larger antennas that perform well include Clearstream 4V/4MAX from Antennas Direct, and the classic 8bay antenna from Channel Master, model 4228HD Extremetenna.. The Channel Master is optimized for UHF but can also receive High VHF in strong signal areas. But in some cases you may need to add a separate VHF antenna for reliable performance along with the 4228 for UHF.

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