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ABC changing their logo; New graphics coming for ABC owned stations


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Not sure if we're tracking affiliate rollout of the new ABC logo here or not, but WDAY/Fargo has been using it on air for the last few days now. Everything on air and on social media is the same with the new ABC logo proportion-wise as it was before.

Screenshot (292).png

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2 hours ago, William1111 said:

Like many people, this new logo rubs the wrong way with me.


It reminds me a lot of the "ABC News" logo from the 2016-era fake news site abcnews.com.co




Ermahgerd I forgot all about that mess of a site...

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On 5/22/2021 at 11:12 AM, ttvn2000 said:

The proportions are all wrong.  Demanding the “dot” is 75% of the circle 7 basically has the two elements fighting for dominance. Maybe I’ll get used to it...but it’s awkward.



Same issue the way KMGH is going!



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I wonder when WPVI TV 6abc will roll out the new abc logo to match its 54 year old egg shaped 6 logo. That logo has been in place since 1967 although it rolled out very slowly until becoming the full time logo when action news premiered in 1970.


I would think a complete overhaul of the logo would be a big mistake for channel 6 viewers resist change , and they went through this with the short lived action news theme. in 1996.

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14 hours ago, Vincent said:

The 6 logo looks the same as it did when it debuted in September 1967 to denote color presentations.

And that was during the WFIL days before the call letter change!

17 hours ago, CircleWXYZ said:

WXYZ in Detroit is now beginning to use the new ABC logo.5182EBEF-F739-4CB4-A03A-F1916FA64B08.thumb.jpeg.695b04340fdf57aa5c382b29605e79d1.jpeg6DDA0826-88B0-4A41-A8DF-F250FF9100BB.thumb.jpeg.da9bbb34e526f95ce325dbecf5d6be98.jpeg

Probably better than their former O&O brethren! (Since ‘XYZ was an O&O before they got Scripp’ed…)

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Yes about  a little less  than 4 years before WFIL TV became WPVI TV . The 1963 Triangle logo was still used by channel 6 even after the current logo debuted. By April 1970 when action news debuted the 1967 logo started to be used full time and the 1963 logo was retired.

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I might've already posted this somewhere, but it's interesting that ABC previewed this new logo 5 years ago, in a long promo for the 2016 Fall line-up. I don't have the video handy, but I took screencaps back then, not knowing it would be official this many years later.



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