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Univision and Televisa's content/media operations to merge


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Univision, which has been under new ownership since the end of 2020, has teamed with stakeholder Grupo Televisa to create a new global Spanish-language media giant.

Under terms of the sweeping deal revealed Tuesday evening, Univision will pay $4.8 billion for the assets of Televisa, a Mexican production powerhouse that already was a minority owner of Univision. The two companies will then create Televisa-Univision, which they say will be the largest player in Spanish-speaking media. Grupo Televisa will be the largest stakeholder in the new company, owning 45%...


Televisa will retain ownership of izzi Telecom, Sky, and other businesses, as well as the main real estate associated with the production facilities, the broadcasting licenses and transmission infrastructure in Mexico...


News content production for Mexico will be outsourced from a company owned by the Azcárraga family to guarantee that news content remains in Mexican hands and is produced in Mexico, the announcement said. Televisa-Univision will retain all assets, IP and library related to Televisa’s news division.




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Since last Monday, PrendeTV (in the US), blimTV (in Mexico) and VIX (pan-regionally) has been replaced by the single streaming destination promised by the merged company. The service, under the common ViX name, is structured similarly to PrendeTV (and in part on Pluto TV), but it is now taking on a freemium model similar to Peacock. There will be two tiers: the free, ad-lite tier will focus on existing Televisa and Univision properties, including its prized library of telenovelas, which have been exported to over 100 countries; additionally, there will be programming from both broadcasters available on demand, including recent telenovelas and same-day news programming and clips. The service also offers a selected library of exports, like films, South American telenovelas, Turkish dramas and reality shows, all produced in or dubbed into Latin American Spanish, coming from providers like MarVista, Film Factory, Caracol Televisión, RCTV International, Ay Yapım, Tims Productions, Lionsgate, MGM and The Walt Disney Studios (in non-exclusive contracts). The service is also offering a live channel offering, including over 100 services, both live and playlisted, based on curated streams on novelas, genres and personalities, including a channel for Hollywood films, Mexican classics, and even shows around stars like Eugenio Derbez and Angelique Boyer, among others, alongside live news channels, separate for each market: Univision's Noticias Univision 24/7 will be available in the U.S., and two channels from Televisa: FOROtv and a ViX-exclusive channel called N+ Media, will be available to Latin American audiences. Additionally, there will be a sports-exclusive channel from TUDN, with separate feeds for both markets, plus beIN Sports XTRA en Español (only available in the US). It will also stream 30 FTA matches from the 2022 FIFA World Cup to Latin American users, except in Argentina.

The premium tier, named ViX+ (yep, another plus OTT service) will offer such content, plus ad-free access, and original content from 3Pas Studios (owned by Eugenio Derbez and Ben Odell), Propagate, Mediacrest, Dynamo, Mediapro, Selena Gomez, Mario Vargas Llosa and Salma Hayek-Pinault, among others. It will also offer a full slate of soccer content, including all Liga MX matches, the full UEFA Champions League coverage (US only) and 10 additional and exclusive matches from the 2022 FIFA World Cup (Latin America only), bringing the total of streamed matches to 40, as well as soccer-themed documentaries, including a true crime series. Additionally, Televisa's distributor Videocine will produce original films for the premium tier, some of which will be available in both coverage zones, with others being exclusive to its Latin American subscribers.


The service is being led by former Paramount executive Pierluigi Gazzolo, who serves as Chief Transformation Officer for TelevisaUnivision. The founder of the original VIX service, Rafael Urbina, is the president of the platform, whilst former Netflix executive for Mexico, Rodrigo Mazón, is leading the premium content division. Michael Cerdá, which was behind the product and the UI of Disney+, ESPN+ and Star+, is leading the product and engineering process.


As already told, the service is available as a public beta since Monday, available at www.vix.com, and since yesterday, the apps have being rolling out, first for Android and today for Apple devices. Beforehand, existing users from all three predecessors were able to test the platform since it was announced in early February. The service will officially launch on March 31.

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