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BREAKING: Peter Dunn and David Friend Out at CBS

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About time. Hopefully they'll install permanent management that wants to compete, grow and solidify the O&O's and CBSN Local Operations. And god, please let them clean house starting with KCBS' own Jay Howell.

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4 hours ago, NowBergen said:

Clearly the law firm is finding enough to not even wait for their investigation to be completed.  What took ViacomCBS so long?

While it may appear that this is/was a clear cut case, these types of allegations are often hard to prove and thus justify immediate termination.

I rather they take however long they deem necessary to remove others who likely share the same mindset as Dunn and Friend (but aren’t as blatant). 


3 hours ago, Amra said:

About time. Hopefully they'll install permanent management that wants to compete, grow and solidify the O&O's and CBSN Local Operations. 

One can only hope. There is so much potential with CBSN, CBSN Local, the O&Os, etc... that they need someone with a long term vision to turn things around and give the GMs the freedom to run their stations without constant interference.


Plus, ViacomCBS in general needs to not continue to do things half-heartedly and think cutting your way to profitability is the best (and only) option available.

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9 hours ago, Megatron81 said:

Peter Dunn & David Friend shouldn't get sweetheart deals and should be sued as well what they put staffers through. I saw them getting fired should've happen bsck in Jan what took so long CBS?

They're likely not getting "sweetheart deals" but rather getting what they're owed per the terms of their contracts. If they were not fired for cause, as one of the lawyers said, then ViacomCBS has to honor the remainder of their contracts. As for what took so long for them to be fired, there's a process a company like ViacomCBS has to go through before letting go of highly paid executives to avoid being sued.


It's easy for people on a message board to say they should have been fired months ago or fired without receiving another dime from the company, but that's not how it works in the real world -- especially when employment contracts are involved. If the company's investigation didn't find sufficient evidence to fire the executives with cause, they don't have much of a choice but to do what they're doing.

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