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KCBS - CBS 2 News Thread


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...I guess I'll finally be the one to start the CBS 2 News thread? It's a long-time coming, that's for sure. 


I'll kick it off with some sad news for the morning team, which at this point, is not breaking anymore, but should be pointed out:

Alternate Version on Instagram

It does not sound like she was forced out, based on the comments on her social media and appears that she chose to move on, possibly from the industry altogether, and it's nice to see that she was well-liked by her (now-former) colleagues at the station through the comments.


Not aware of any replacement yet. Amber filled in yesterday morning. Markina also appeared recently for the first time in a while (that I've noticed, at least) and we'll see if they'll eventually hire Olga or just continue to make do with her freelancing.

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3 hours ago, bogusabc7breakingnews said:

A 48 market jump?! I’m all about representation and diversity of newsrooms, it’s long overdue, but from NOLA to an O&O duopoly in LA?! C’mon man! 

You have to remember no one wants to work at KCBS . New Orleans is still a major city . Maybe some of that southern charm may come in handy that’s what that station needs.

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