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Rogers to buy Shaw Communications for $16B


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On 3/15/2021 at 1:24 PM, Action Newsroom said:

Wow. Remember the Bell-CTVglobemedia deal? This is as much of a big deal to me as that. The media industry in Canada is getting bigger yet smaller -- and that is eye-opening.

And Bell keeps on cutting and gutting CTV. I kid you not, but every six months, the ax falls on CTV and the other media properties. It's ridiculous.

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4 hours ago, Action Newsroom said:

Please expand on this. 

You got my attention. 

From all the years I have been following CTV News, and from what I have gathered from reading online newspapers and canadian forums, Bell keeps cutting their news gathering budget. This is from memory but I remember during 2012-2014 the yearly profit for CTV News was about $125M, consistently. So Bell ordered a $10 million cost cutting program to boost profits and "streamline" operations. You would expect the profit to go up for example, $5-7M, as they tout increased revenues and such, but the profit for the 2015 year was... $122.3M. So another round of layoffs was ordered. Same results next year. It's been a drain like that since Bell Media repurchased CTVglobemedia. And well, as we have seen for the past years, the firings of several longtime personnel like Christine Bentley, Bill Good, Pamela Martin, Tamara Taggart, Mike Killeen, Coleen Christie, Ken Shaw, Lance Brown, Tom Brown, Anwar Knight, Joe Tilley, the sports departments of the main O&O's, TSN and other properties. CTV Toronto only has 1 weather forecaster for the Noon, 6 & 11:30pm weekday newscast, and a fill in for the weekends.


All these cuts make the ViacomCBS, NBC/Telemundo and other layoffs like nothing. In less than 10 years CTV has shrinked like crazy. And all because Bell has a lot of yes women and men in the corporate positions happily whacking the budgets, but until when? The quality of the newscasts (Toronto) has been lackluster and has decreased tremendously. Such a shame that CTV News is no longer what it was, and not even a shell of its former self.

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