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Univision sells Puerto Rico station WLII-TV to Lieberman Media, rebrands to TeleOnce, reopens News Department.


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WLII-TV in Caguas, San Juan PR was sold to Lieberman Media Group in mid 2020 when Univision had some stake bought up by Hemisphere Media, which are owners of WAPA-TV Channel 4. In order to the transaction to be approved, Univision was required to divest 3 TV stations in Puerto Rico. WLI, WSUR and WOLE. Univision also owns WSTE Channel 7 where all their programming has been moved to.


In October 17, 2014 during a round of cuts, Univision shut down the News Department and laid off over 100 reporters, anchors, technicians, photojournalists and producers. WLII had the #1 News Department in Puerto Rico up until 2007 when Las Noticias Univision had slipped to 2nd place, then 3rd place after multiple years of budget cuts.


Now with the purchase and investment from Lieberman Media and the reopening of the News Department, the Company hired Enrique Cruz, retired VP of News of WAPA-TV to be the "consultant" for the new News Department. The rumors as of right now is that he will be tapped to be the new VP of News for TeleOnce. This is an excellent move by LMG, as Enrique Cruz is an industry veteran and he competed fiercely with TeleOnce until they were able to overtake them.



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Hopefully it returns to some semblance of the then great "Las Noticias" .. Univision trashed the place hard and almost killed a once legendary station.

Also, really hope they bring back some of the previous talent.

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Here's the ident of the new Teleonce debuted tonight during Premios Lo Nuestro, containing a revival of its classic slogan "Vivelo". Rebrand officially started 8pm local time. ID '11' logo also first appeared tonight. Last few notes are a nod to the original jingle seen next below: 


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TeleOnce announced today that the new newscast, "Las Noticias de TeleOnce" will relaunch Monday July 12, 2021. Today, there was a presser where original anchor and reporter Margarita Aponte presented the new team of veterans and newcomers that will be part of Las Noticias. Las Noticias will air three times a day, Monday to Friday with Las Noticias Ahora (The News Now) at 3:55pm, Las Noticias Prime (The News Prime) at 4:55pm and Las Noticias Ultima Edicion (The News Final Edition) at 10:00pm. The FB link below has the entire event that TeleOnce broadcasted live on Facebook and presents the anchors, reporters, the VP of News, Jenny Suarez and the consultant that was tasked to create the News Department and former legendary VP of News at WAPA-TV, José Enrique (Kike) Cruz.



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