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WSAZ getting new graphics

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I've talked to a few of the meteorologists at WSAZ and they have said that new graphics for the news and weather are coming in the next few weeks, I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts and ideas on this!

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What's there to discuss? As a part of Gray, they'll get the same graphics that everyone in the group has, and there's already a discussion for that.

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On 2/11/2021 at 5:19 PM, Dakota Laughlin said:

WSAZ is a market leader and they tend to do a lot of things in-house, just thought I would see what package people think they'll get/go with or what they would like to see.

WAVE-3 did the same, but ended up getting a gray package. Sort of. I haven't seen the Gray weather package yet for WAVE 3. Bring it on for WKYT and WYMT. 

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The time/temp bug is the same one they've used for awhile not sure if they'll change it, and they haven't switched their graphics yet just that one promo so far, hoping they don't butcher it.

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The bug got revamped back at the end of August. They removed the HD out of it and also moved the bug out of the 4x3 safe area.The last picture of the bug with time temp on bottom was only used once.




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Oh okay I forgot they did change it up some. Since you keep up with WSAZ also do you think they'll come up with something good? From what I'm hearing, early March is what they're aiming for.


And it's awesome you caught that bottom one that was used one time!

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Noticed this in the background during a weather update on WSAZ'S app earlier, possibly what a tiny bit of the weather graphics will look like? If so I like the theme, staying with the same color styles as the old weather graphics, blue and some yellow.



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  • Weeters changed the title to WSAZ getting new graphics

This probably could have been lumped in with the other Gray thread. There's nothing special about this station that warrants a whole discussion.

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