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WXLV to begin local news (produced in San Antonio)

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1 hour ago, Nelson R. said:

San Antonio? Really? The simplest out of market option to produce it would’ve been WLOS.


That would've conflicted with their newscast times.

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6 hours ago, TexasTVNews said:

XLV are up against 'FMY, 'GHP, and 'XII... as always. The VHFs are always going on top of the news ratings in The Piedmont while the UHF station is lagging. IMO, if 'XLV can't get good ratings

in their newscasts in less than two years, might as well shut down once again. And if I was ABC, I'd yank the affiliation from 'XLV and return it 'GHP.

Very much doubt WGHP wants ABC back.  Their brand is (or was, last time I watched them) based around being able to do local news when the others aren’t. 


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Sad to say, the way Sinclair is making this work, it's designed to be cost-effective, by using existing facilities when they aren't being used, hiring some cheap reporters, and in essence, creating a "newscast factory" where they churn out their local newscasts, do some out-of-market ones in their spare time, and for the markets that aren't turning a profit, hub them off to another.

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1 hour ago, CLT-DCA-ORF-PTI said:

Interestingly enough, I watched this morning. The National Desk w/ local cut-ins from Winston-Salem studios, and a WLOS meteorologist. I am curious to see 6pm. 

The press release said it was airing from 6-9am Eastern, 5-8am Central, 6-9 am Mountain, but only 6-8 am Pacific. Why only for 2 hours in the Pacific Time Zone? But a lot of stations are only picking it up for two hours anyway.


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On 1/18/2021 at 11:46 PM, Samantha said:

I think now would be a good time to reconsider that 45 logo...


Pausing it before the ABC disc comes to view, it's just beyond ghastly. I'm surprised they didn't Ctrl+C the Baltimore 'circle 45' or just Helvetica it up like they do in Dayton. 

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