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Changes coming to Fox News Channel daytime


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- Harris Faulkner moves from noon-2pm to 11am-1pm, still hosting Outnumbered.


- Bill Hemmer moves back to America's Newsroom at 9am with Dana Perino. Martha McCallum replaces him at 3pm.


- John Roberts and Sandra Smith will anchor two hours in the early afternoon.


- "Fox News Primetime", a new opinion show, replaces The Story at 7pm. Rotating hosts for this program, but a regular host will be named later. 


- No changes to Special Report, The Five, and Your World.



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5 hours ago, atlnews2 said:

Clearly demotions for the news people so they can have another opinion host to throw red meat to the fox news base


Crying shame (but not surprising) that FOX "News" thinks opinion is more important than reporting (or worse, that opinion is reporting).

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