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Coverage of DC Protests

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Just wanting to get a feel of what your local stations were doing. In the Twin Cities, I was watching KMSP (Fox 9) and they took the Fox News Special Report (which was a FNC simulcast) sometime between 1:00 and 1:30CT, in the middle of "The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino." They stuck with it up until 5:59CT right at the end of "Special Report with Bret Baier" to go to local news for an hour then to the regular scheduled FBC programming like "The Masked Singer" They just cut away suddenly, which meant the Fox News Special Report wasn't over. KSTP (ABC,) WCCO (CBS,) and KARE (NBC) are all still in Special Report, while (WFTC) MyNetTV is in syndicated programming and didn't take up the Fox News Special Report when KMSP left.

On the topic of Fox, oddly enough, they still ran the Special Report through the day and it's still running right now. I found a stream from a random Fox station's Facebook page which kept it going through "The Story with Martha MacCallum," but oddly enough, they are still running it and playing "Tucker Carlson Tonight" and "Hannity." I know it's still the Special Report and not an FNC simulcast due to it using the FBC variation of the Fox News logo rather than the FNC variation. Fox should either just end it and resume if other news comes up, or get someone like Shannon Bream to anchor instead. Tucker and Hannity shouldn't ever be on Fox Broadcasting or MyNetworkTV.

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