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With the NFL Playoffs starting soon, I wanted to start a thread on the NFL Wild Card broadcast that will air on Nickelodeon on January 10th. This will be the first time ever that a major sporting event will be broadcast on a kids network. Although Disney XD has aired the Pro Bowl in the past few years, the game broadcast was just a simulcast feed from ABC and ESPN. This game on Nickelodeon will feature an exclusive broadcast targeting a kids audience. Disney and ESPN are going a similar route with their Wild Card game this year with doing an exclusive broadcast on Freeform that will target a Women audience.


Not too long ago, CBS Sports and Nickelodeon dropped the first teaser demonstrating what the broadcast will look like. The graphics will feature the current CBS Sports template with a modified design that will tie more into the Nickelodeon brand. The game broadcast will also feature cartoon animations going on in the background. This isn't guaranteed to look like the final product but it definitely sets the tone to what we can expect. What do you guys think of the broadcast look? Could we see this be permanent in the future?

Nick 5.JPG

Nick 4.JPG

Nick 3.JPG

Nick 2.JPG

Nick 1.JPG

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49 minutes ago, hfiles said:

I liked the part where the F-Bomb was broadcast on a cable channel for children. I'm surprised they didn't air the game on a 7 second delay.


What in the name of Armen Keteyian (of CBS News and Sports)?

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On 1/14/2021 at 9:39 AM, GodfreyGR said:

You're not the "Tween" or nostalgic 90's kid demographic they're shooting for then, are you?

I remember it well actually. I grew up watching Nickelodeon between say 95 and 08... so I remember the concept well. I just don’t think an NFL game is a place for kiddy stuff. These are 22 big burly 300 pound men dropping multiple f-bombs per play. Real kid friendly. I remember that from slime time live too... oh... wait...

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