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WEWS "Catch 5" holiday promo from 1983

tyrannical bastard

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From one of my earliest VHS tapes, which had ABC's The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,  I have a partial version of this "Catch 5" promo, along with a Casablanca-esque promo with Wilma Smith,  a Ted Henry ID, and ABC Closed Captioning bumper.


What I have is a treasure trove of WEWS's past, including Ted Henry (and his ex-wife, presumably), Fred & Linda Griffith, Jan Jones, Gib Shanley, Jeff Maynor, Bill Jacocks, Howard Sudbury, and quite possibly one of the very last appearances of Dorothy Fuldheim...


Here's the clip of what I have, what I wouldn't give to see the whole promo.....


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