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New Meredith Graphics

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The Tegna package is fine. This package is decent. How about that?

TEGNA, after deploying two successful design languages that TVNT still rags about:  😴     The fact that after 8 years, some of you seemingly can't let go of TEGNA using a lick of today's d

Part of me really does wonder if they chose those colors because they're similar to the St. Louis Blues colors (they do have a media partnership with them).   Otherwise KMOV did a nice job. 

5 hours ago, GoldenShine9 said:

These could very well all be short lived too. Although it's unclear how long it would take for Gray to change them all.

Gray still hasn't switched some of the ex-Raycom stations so...we're gonna be waiting for a while for most...

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Well, if it's based on past history, the graphics hub could be short-lived, especially if it's only servicing a fraction of Gray's stations post-merger.

Nexstar wasted no time by shutting down Media General's MGFX hub in Richmond, hiring graphics artists at all of the affected stations.

Plus, MGFX primarily serviced the legacy MG stations, and maybe one or two from Young.  And there was Linear Drift for the LIN stations....


I think the hub's origins lie in the draconian cuts that Meredith made last year at their stations.  A sale was only a matter of time.

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This will be around for 5 minutes. Gray prefers stations transition to their own look (even if they own the other package outright or it's strangely in the budget). It's not required, but they have a clear preference.

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