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Chairman Pai announced he will be leaving the agency on January 20.

Good riddance. What a vile creature.

Good Riddance!

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On 12/21/2020 at 2:46 PM, TexasTVNews said:


Welcome to the DFW and Houston market, Weigel Broadcasting.


Took Weigel only about 40 years from their first attempt... (They competed for channel 45 for years before it was awarded to Pueblo, which started KXLN)

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On 12/23/2020 at 12:30 PM, CircleSeven said:


And here's it is. The FCC just greenlighted the Univision transaction.

Re: WLII... if you believe this, (only source so far reporting it by this note) TVBoricuaUSA is reporting a familiar branding may return to old ch. 11. 




Following the approval of the sale of Univision by the FCC , channel 11 and its repeater stations in Puerto Rico will have a new identity.

TVboricuaUSA sources assured that the channel will stop being called Univision and will become known as TeleOnce.

The announcement, to be made shortly by Liberman Media Group, would mark TeleOnce's return to channels WLII-TV (channel 11) and its repeater stations WSUR-TV (channel 9) and WOLE-TV (channel 12), which since 2002 they became part of Univision. 

It should be noted that WSTE-DT (channel 7) and the Univision Radio stations will continue to be in the hands of Univision.

So 'Univision Puerto Rico' branding to WSTE, perhaps?

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WWCP in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, is being transferred closer into Sinclair's orbit.


Peak Media is selling the station to Johnstown (WWCP-TV) Licensee, which will be a Cunningham subsidiary. Peak already had brokered the station's time to Cunningham. Cunningham will acquire WWCP-TV's antenna, its Fox affiliation agreement, and its 1996 Interim Operating Agreement to operate WATM-TV for $2.85 million.


This marks the exit from television for Peak's owners, Elliot Evers, Gregory Widroe and Brian Pryor. Evers and Widroe hold minority stakes in five Chico market radio stations in the Deer Creek cluster, and Evers is trustee for three divestiture trusts of radio stations run by Cumulus and Cox.

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