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WWSB Debuts New Set!!!


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I don't know if there a specific page for this station but today, or yesterday cause it's 5 in the morning where I am. But anyways WWSB the ABC affiliate in Sarasota, Florida debuted a new set today. Here some pictures from ABC 7 and North Carolina native Jacqueline Matter Facebook page!!! Its long overdue for them. There old set was something out of the 90s something you'd see in a smaller market or college TV studio then they are a small market. But I mean the monitors every time they updated the old set it looked like a crappy like PowerPoint presentation of on-screen graphics and I was wondering too when the we're gonna get a new set after thinking about a this month when they've been in the newsroom. I and again they're a small market but its a good set for the only television station specifically targeting Sarasota-Bradenton within the Tampa Bay market. And in general I think it's a good time for stations to get a new set in this time in a pandemic when there's not a lot of people in the buildings gives the workers the space they need, and different parts of the newsroom people don't know about can broadcast  temporarily stand-ups that viewers don't know about just what this station basically did and it's cost effective!!! But here you go!!! 





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13 hours ago, 8Viewer said:

Nice and needed upgrade. Heck it looks better than WTSP lol.


Rumor has it WTVD in Raleigh getting a new set for its  Durham facilities!!! Its main facility. After that KDFW FOX 4 Dallas will be the only O&O out of all the big 4 network O&O combined  that have not gotten an new set in 12 years since they great new set boom in 2007.

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