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11/14/20 - Site Updates

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Hello all,


The forum software has been updated to the latest version. There are a few new things here and there, but overall, not much has changed in the way things work. 


You may notice a brand new look. The old forum theme is not compatible with the new software, so we've finally pulled the trigger on switching over to the new theme teased earlier this year. This theme features a dark mode (triggerable via the moon in the top user bar). The new theme is still being worked on, so expect some minor changes here and there over the next few days.



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I noticed some changes this morning.  Looks good, and thanks!


i also noticed that threads show an “unread replies” break, which I appreciate. Is there a way to go there directly from the main pages? Just trying to save a little time when having to scroll through long threads...




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How DARE you switch to a flat, modern graphic look?!?!? I am TRIGGERED!!!! Next thing you know, TVNT will switch its music package to C Clarity and and hire COMEDIANS to be the mods. SMH. I miss the good ole days. Screw progress!


/s of course.



Awesome job on the update. Looks great!

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I do miss seeing the little snippets of the latest posts to the right side of the main forum page. I used to like glancing at those to see if there was a new development I was interested in. Now it just lists the latest threads that have new posts, rather than actual snippets of the posts themselves.


The rest of the update seems great so far.

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