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Security Guard hired by KUSA Shoots, Kills Man During Protests

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Station management probably doesn't want to say anything on the record in case they end up in a lawsuit over this. They wouldn't want to make any public statements that can be used against them in court. 

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Until there's FCC regulations about TV stations hiring outside security guards, the FCC has no jurisdiction here and no reason to get involved.   Let's summarize things here: KUSA/Te

Can you please provide a source for these "indications"? All I see is that Tegna became aware of the licensing issue after the shooting happened.   Per the KUSA statement:   And

Not sure why I feel the need to waste my time chiming in here, but just want to add onto the "you're wrong" group of folks in this thread.   Will someone try to throw KUSA/TEGNA into some so

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10 hours ago, Greggo said:

Pretty bad when the station refuses to speak on the record with its own reporters. 

Pretty bad yes, but @ScottJ does have a good point. They don't want to make any more statements than what they're required to do unless Law Enforcement asks KUSA to speak on the record and at that point they don't have much of a choice.

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10 hours ago, Greggo said:

Pretty bad when the station refuses to speak on the record with its own reporters. 


Not really. You don't crap where you eat. The other stations are covering this story pretty well and like any business KUSA is being careful not to indict themselves. And as you can tell, the journalists are asking the right questions and it's management who's not responding to the questions. They aren't letting the journalists not ask questions. Clearly a separation of powers.

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