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WOIO and constant technical difficulties


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15 hours ago, Vidifont said:

So Tanchek gets on the air to warn everybody that he's going to create a First Alert because bad weather will be here in two days. Two days later the First Alert fizzles into

a small storm with showers. They have made the weather on WOIO unwatchable especially when they almost shout it at you.


Has WOIO always been like this or has this just happened in the past few years?

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There's only so much interest in watching a stuffy, boring local newscast. Action News worked for them and they were different from the rest. I don't understand the thinking of whoever the genius was who decided that they should go back to being a boring newscast like the other three instead of carving out their own niche.

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37 minutes ago, CLETVFan said:

Chris Tanaka is leaving after today for WBZ in Boston.  Also, WOIO/WUAB is considering a move to Independence.



That's a very visible location, located next to a Top golf facility and the junction of I-77 and I-480.  Hopefully it's something that can put them on-par with the other stations in Cleveland.   I believe all of the iHeart stations are in a nearby facility as well.


I don't know why they ever decided to move from the WUAB studios that used to be on Day Drive in Parma.   Whatever short-term benefit of that site being used for retail space is long gone...


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The iHeart facilities are moving to an apartment building in Downtown Cleveland.  It's supposed to be smaller than the Independence facilities.


As for WOIO/WUAB, it will be interesting to see how their new building will turn out.  Even after the remodeling, they are still looking to get out of Reserve Square.

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Dumb location. You need to be closer to downtown, that's where everything happens that ends up being on the news. News out in the suburbs is pretty boring. 


That said, they could put a studio in the vicinity of the old Randall Park Mall. That might be entertaining.

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On 8/18/2022 at 7:18 PM, CLETVFan said:

The key word here is "ownership" of the property, so it would be Gray Television's to do as they please.  I imagine they've been leasing Reserve Square since the big switch to CBS and move of both stations from Shaker Heights and Parma...


Malrite probably made a killing in the 90s to sell the old WUAB site to a developer.  It became an Office Max when they were an up-and-coming retailer headquartered in Cleveland, and Parmatown Mall was still a draw to shoppers.


Most TV stations prefer to own their property, and many have done so for decades...


What was old is new again, as WOIO and WUAB could very well move out of Cleveland and back in to the suburbs...

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