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Radio station WXNX-FM has flipped formats as of Wednesday NOON. It went from an alt rock station 93X to Trump Country 93.7 airing a country music format.The station started stunting with a loop of country music Monday afternoon.
The station also has parked 93xfm.com & they have parked 93X.fm that used to be a redirect to their site.   The station is owned by Sun Broadcasting Inc. (www.sbbroadcasting.com)
http://trumpcountry937.com/is the stations official site.
https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=245537106796784&extid=DHT8Xj0dXUEqMDlE This is the link I first heard about the switch.  It caught many listeners off guard, and station WBBH received several emails asking about the switch. 

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All politics aside, this is a risky move, especially when it involves a sitting president who is up for re-election. 

Even if it is a stunt, the implications could cause a problem with the FCC regarding political candidates, and even set off Trump's team of lawyers for mimicking his "brand" and the "Make _____ Great Again!"


Now if they've done their homework and do things "by the book", then it's a brilliant move on their part.  It would have to be like a giant PAC ad that states their responsibility for the content they are airing.

Otherwise, it's a dangerous move they've made and if they screw something up, it could be their license.

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Anyone know if Pat DeLuca still works at (what was) WXNX-FM please?

(Asking from the UK)


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