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Here's Feders post as well.


I'm actually quite shocked at this. I'm wondering why they're breaking up Rob and Allison at 10pm? They were the longest news team in the market. Still not getting a co-anchor for the morning news just seems bizarre to me too.


Definitely one of the most major changes at WMAQ in quite a long time. They've always made small changes here and there or they've taken their sweet time promoting people but this his a huge sweep of changes. 

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Just now, B2r4a6n said:

I agree, this is shocking, especially how it seems to come out of nowhere. Wonder if this was partly Rob's decision? Also, you're right, how have they not hired a co-anchor for mornings yet? 


In Feders post it said that Rob was joining the investigating unit. Hes been part of it for awhile now. Granted there haven't been a lot of reports filed under it by him. Maybe it was a personal decision to move over to more of an investigator role. He worked at Dateline for quite awhile before coming to Chicago. I'd really hate it if they pushed him out in favor of Holt. Although I really like Stefan. He was great with Zoraida in the mornings. 

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6 minutes ago, MorningNews said:

Pretty insane especially since some were here calling for a major shakeup at WMAQ a few months ago. They are still a solid #2 right? 


Ehhhhh, kind of a 2.5 or 3, honestly. They're #2 across evenings (behind ABC 7), #3 in the morning (behind WGN and 7), and don't lead any weekday (and likely weekend) slot.

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That was awhile ago. They still do alright in the demo, but their 10pm numbers have fallen hard in the last year or so, while 7's have stayed steady. Stafford & Adamle's health absences came at the time when ABC 7 doubled down on promoting the Krashesky/Brock pairing and Cheryl Scott's ascension.


Holt is an instant upgrade at 4pm (where I believe NBC runs 3rd behind Chicago's #1 News & Chicago's Very Own), and a fresh, yet familiar face on a broadcast that should be thriving in this era of success for NBC primetime.

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