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Stefan Holt Leaving WNBC


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I'm surprised as well...I was thinking they were setting Stefan up to be the future of the station, but like you said it's a personal decision. 


With that being said here's the lineup I think wnbc should have/might have in the fall...


11am: Adam Kuperstein and Gilma Avalos

4pm: Natalie Pasquarella and Adam Kuperstein 

5pm: David Ushery and Gilma Avalos

6pm: Chuck Scarborough and Natalie Pasquarella 

11pm: David Ushery and Natalie Pasquarella 


...and of course a new anchor(s) will have to be hired for weekend evenings. 


It's time for David Ushery, who's been loyal to WNBC and the NYC area for so long to get the 11pm anchor slot. 

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4 hours ago, B2r4a6n said:

new anchor(s) will have to be hired for weekend evenings. 

Is it fair to think one of their nightside reporters will get the role? Assuming Adam/Gilma will also move to weekdays like you suggest, WNBC could move to solo weekend newscasts (a growing trend) and maybe promote someone like Rana Novini, who I feel like has drawn praise whenever she filled in (not really substantiated - just through social media perusing). Additionally, with or without their move to weekdays, could occasional fill-in Jen Maxfield have a potential slot anywhere? If anything, I hope they'll keep the weekday and weekend Today in NY teams the same, because they'll (probably) be the only things staying put.


Edit to add:

Stefan's Instagram post about the move:



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