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KRON new set, graphics, music coming


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The set is great. They've succeeded in making the studio look much larger than before—the old FX-designed set felt very cramped, especially coming from the large set they had back in the old building at 1001 Van Ness. Yeah, some of the light bars are weird, but I love the use of the roof camera showing the Embarcadero, though the shot they were using at 5pm was really blown out with all of the white port buildings along the waterfront being lit by the setting sun. I didn't catch any of the primetime shows tonight but betting it looks much better at night. Also, it is kinda nice to see both anchors in the studio, complying with physical distancing recommendations—I think KRON is the first Bay Area station to do that, with everyone else splitting people up between the studio and newsroom or at home. 


But, the graphics are head-scratchingly all over the place. The opens are the same as before (but with new music), the lower thirds are new but look terrible with text set in a thin weight of Avenir, and the weather graphics are the most Nexstar-ish with the headers set in bold Montserrat. I don't think Nexstar leads the way with any of their standardized news graphic packages, but at least they're cohesive. Unless they're taking some strange phased launch approach, I was holding out hope we'd see something a bit more unified for KRON here. 


Aerial might be generic, but Instant Classics had to go. It's been around since 1995—that music is almost as old as I am. 

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I haven't watched much local news in a while. So I only just saw KRON's opens recently for the first time. Are they from a generic package? Maybe a uniform Nexstar package? Or are they unique to KRON because I really love them and the way they use scenes of the Bay Area. It's very slick and modern. Which is quite contrary to KRON's actual production quality the last couple of years.

The new studio looks good.  Those are a lot of screens which they can definitely use in many different ways.

I'll miss Instant Classics. It's iconic and KRON. I feel it's better than the generic music every other station uses. Which, to be honest, sound more dated and tired.

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On 10/22/2020 at 1:39 AM, atlnews2 said:

I don't like how all Nexstar sets are essentially "shove a desk in a corner "


I agree and not just Nexstar, but if you're going to go corner this is one of the best executions of it. Using the vista shots and making the corner seem like a corner office window makes it more theatric, as does having the effect on both sides of the studio.


2nd best looking set in the market after their roommate KGO


Here's a clip with the night shots




Color me surprised they pulled off something rather timeless, save for the soon to be dated Chip and Joanna Gaines grey wood floor.



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