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Gray TV takes over CBS in Anchorage, AK

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On 9/4/2021 at 1:08 AM, CircleSeven said:


They going to say anything to not pay this fine. But if they didn't do anything wrong, why did they later move the CBS over to the LP (K22HN) & have it on the subchannel on KTUU? They could have done this in the first place.


It'll be interesting to see whether this $500K+ will stand. We'll see what happens......



I believe the response says that Gray moved CBS to the LD after meeting with FCC staff. It’s close to guaranteed that Gray won’t pay the $500K fine. This will eventually end up in a federal courtroom, where the FCC has a terrible track record. Gray will end up paying nothing or a tiny fraction of the original fined amount.

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Not to mention the guys who run that are straight up jerks! Before I got let go due to "Newsroom Restructuring", this email was sent to us from a former reporter in Alaska. 

WUFT called. They want their logo back! 😂😂😂

Anchor David Goldman did a wonderful sign-off late last night of what was "KTVA 11 News".   Vid courtesy of David Goldman's YT page.   Also this morning, the KTVA site is

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As we discussed the Gray fine...GCI was coming close to their 'drop dead' date of September 3 to light up KTVA again or have the license auto-cancelled.


They did; although it's not noted on the network's affiliates list, 11.1 is currently running Rewind TV to keep the license going. Whether this is just for a week to warehouse the license, or just until the sale goes through eventually, is not known.

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