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And now more positives on the Ravens side, that's putting the game with the Steelers into much further doubt now.


Also from that same AP source Santa Clara County has banned all contact sports (including football) for the next 3 weeks and that means the 2 49ers home games will be impacted by it, this also affects their practices as well (as it's also conducted at the Levi's Stadium area)

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Just cancel the freakin' game already!  Call it a no-contest and move on.

I believe that Week 18 is a last resort for the league, but is definitely on the table. This is they’re fault as they were foolish and naive to not think this was going to happen, especially after wha

God, what a shitshow.

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48 minutes ago, mrschimpf said:

It's now Late Wednesday Afternoon Football; blame the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree on this one;



NBC isn't going to delay their own tree lighting.

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5 hours ago, 24994J said:

God, what a shitshow.

I completely agree, and I'm a Steelers fan lol! Honestly they should just cancel it, IMO, because this has basically become a soap opera at this point. 🤣

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On 12/8/2020 at 10:28 PM, jase said:

Fox CFO hints company could drop 'Thursday Night Football'


Seems like the price to keep both the Sunday afternoon and Thursday night package is too high for Fox.

Better for FOX to keep the Sunday package. CBS and NBC to keep the AFC and Sunday night games. I could see Disney ABC get Monday or Thursday night football. Will see what the NFL has to offer for the TV contracts.


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NFL Local Programming Notes for the NFLN Games for Weeks 15


Buffalo at Denver

  • The game will air in Buffalo on WKBW with the ACC Championship moving to 7.2.
  • The game will air in Denver on KMGH with the ACC Championship airing on KCDO.

Carolina at Green Bay

  • The game will air in Charlotte on WSOC with the AAC Championship moving to WAXN.
  • The game will air in Green Bay on WLUK with FOX Primetime moving to WCWF.
  • The game will air in Milwaukee on WITI with FOX Primetime moving to 6.2.
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