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Was doing some research and stumbled onto something gold.


As we know, starting in 1991 and lasting until a major branding change in 03, KYW-TV branded as "KYW-3" and used themes based on the musical signature originated at KYW Newsradio 1060.  Bruce Upchurch, Frank and Chris Gari, Jon Ovnik, and Stephen Arnold all contributed themes with that signature.  But there was apparently more work done outside of those big companies.


One of the audio production studios in Philly has a music production division called Monster Tracks.  By 1994, they became prolific in the local production music scene, and became KYW's regular promo music producer.  None of this stuff was in any "official" KYW music package - it was all custom work done for the station.  This includes the really distinctive music they were using for the switch from NBC to CBS - while WCAU was using production music from what I remember, KYW was using this really distinctive track here:



And the biggest revelation is that they did work on news music for KYW!  It's dated to 1994, which would be around the time of the switch from "News Day" and "News Tonight" to a uniform branding of "KYW News 3".  As far as I know, it was not used on air.


I might try to contact these guys and see what they have to offer.  But here's what they have so far, it's worth a listen:



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There was a period of time where KYW was opening their 11PM news basically cold with this theme--it's not *that* different from the base package from Music Oasis, but it may be worth looking into whether Monster made it given how removed it is from the debut in '91.


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That theme was apparently originally used on their newsmagazine “The Bulletin”... but that theme could still be Monster Tracks given its debut in 93.  It sounds like their stuff, and that theme isn’t throwing up AdRev notices for Bruce Upchurch like the 94 theme is.  Worth looking into.

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