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2020 Regional Emmys thread

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This is usually the time of year when markets large and small get honored with television's biggest prize, the Emmy.


But thanks to the coronavirus, many of this year's ceremonies are becoming virtual, with some of the winners posting their acceptance speeches on social media from their homes.


We start with New York; WABC won Morning and Evening Newscasts while WNBC took four:


The Northwest Emmys -- my home area -- saw KGW (Portland) taking Overall Excellence; they and sister stations KING and KTVB also dominated:


KNTV and Univision cleaned up at the Northern California Emmys (which also covers Hawaii and even Guam!); Overall Excellence went to KGO:


And here are the Southeast Emmy nominations; the awards, however, aren't until September 12! (hopefully they'll be livestreamed for the first time)

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Pacific Southwest (San Diego, Las Vegas, San Luis Obispo, Bakersfield, etc.) chapter awarded its Emmys on June 6th. [video]

  • KFMB: 18 wins (including reporter, evening newscast, and breaking news coverage)
  • KVVU: 10 wins (including news writer, overall excellence, and weather anchor)
  • KUAN: 7 wins (including evening newscast, breaking news coverage, and border issues story)
  • KGTV: 6 wins (including weekend newscast, crime story, and historical/cultural story)
  • KNSD: 5 wins (including morning newscast, sports story, and reporter)
  • KSWB: 3 wins (arts/entertainment report, arts/entertainment program, special events coverage)
  • KTNV: 2 wins (morning and evening newscasts)
  • UNLV won almost all student awards

New England (Boston, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, etc.) chapter awarded its Emmys on June 20th. [video]

  • WCVB: 14 wins (including evening newscast, anchor, and investigative reporter)
  • WBZ: 10 wins (including weather anchor, team coverage, and breaking news)
  • WTIC: 6 wins (including arts/entertainment report, sports report, and general assignment reporter)
  • WBTS: 5 wins (including investigative report, features reporter, and health/science report)
  • WFXT: 4 wins (including crime report, education report, and community affairs report)
  • WHDH: 3 wins (morning newscast, spot news, and consumer report)
  • WVIT: 1 win (photographer-no time limit)
  • WFSB: 1 win (human interest report)

Michigan chapter awarded its Emmys on June 20th. [video]

  • WXYZ: 9 wins (including newscast, investigative report, and political program)
  • WOOD: 6 wins (including weather anchor, continuing coverage, and investigative report)
  • WZZM: 6 wins (including youth feature, health/science feature, and human interest story)
  • WDIV: 4 wins (including breaking news, audio, and news editor)
  • WJBK: 3 wins (crime story, sports special, and investigative reporter)
  • WWJ/WKBD: 3 wins (business/consumer report, single-spot promotion, and news photographer)
  • WWMT: 2 wins (light feature and serious feature)

Lower Great Lakes (Cleveland, Fort Wayne, Toledo, Indianapolis, etc.) chapter awarded its Emmys on June 20th. [video]

  • WEWS: 29 wins (including evening newscast, overall excellence, and news excellence)
  • WKYC: 12 wins (including morning newscast, weekend newscast, and spot news)
  • WTHR: 8 wins (including daytime newscast, overall excellence, and news editor)
  • WTTV: 5 wins (including politics story, society story, and sportscast)
  • WTIU: 5 wins (including education story, environment story, special events coverage)
  • WOIO: 3 wins (live reporter, weather anchor, and single-spot promo)
  • WISH: 3 wins (politics story, magazine program feature, magazine program)
  • WRTV: 2 wins (sports anchor, historical/cultural program)
  • WJW: 1 win (society story)

Chapters yet to hold ceremonies:

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Los Angeles held their regional Emmys last night. [Video] / [List of winners]


  • KCET (PBS) won most awards overall (8) - e.g. LA Local Color, Entertainment Program, Arts
  • KMEX (Univison) won most among Spanish-language stations (5) - e.g. Investigative News Story, Business/Consumer News Story, Environment News Story
  • KABC won most among the Big 4 O&Os (2) - Human Interest News Story for Evergreen Cemetery Hero (+ below award)
  • KTLA won 2 - Sports Short Promo, Sports News Story
  • KCBS/KCAL won 1 (Entertainment News Story for Nipsey Hussle), KTTV won 1 (Art/Cultural/Historical News Story for retiring USC Band Director, Dr. Arthur C. Bartner)
  • Morning newscast: KMEX tied with KVEA (Telemundo) 
  • Daytime newscast: KNBC (its only win)
  • Evening newscast: KABC

Some people seemed pressed about KABC's newscast win (Twitter users can guess why).

If you want to compare, here are last year's winners. KCET led overall (6) and KMEX/KVEA led for Spanish (5), with KTLA led for English (5).

Morning and daytime were clinched by KTLA and evening was presented to KVEA.

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Poor KNBC, picking up its only Emmy for Daytime Newscast; the other Investigative News Story nominee was KTTV's Bill Melugin's piece on two new sick puppy peddlers, both female (he already won last year and the previous peddler he tracked down four numerous times would finally be arrested)...though KCBS's David Goldstein could've submitted one or two stories this year.


But if there were Overall Excellence and News Excellence categories, KCET and KMEX would've easily won those. As for KABC taking Evening Newscast? Well, their sister stations in New York, San Francisco, and Fresno have been dominating so far this year (WABC, Morning and Evening Newscast; KGO, Overall/News Excellence; KFSN, Daytime Newscast/Medium Markets); who knows if WPVI, WLS, KTRK, and/or WTVD will continue that trend.

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The Heartland chapter (which includes Denver, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Colorado Springs, Wichita, Omaha, Lincoln (NE), etc.) held their ceremony last night on July 25th.

Video is set to be released on the website /// Final award recipients can be found here.



24 wins morning newscast, investigative report, investigative series (2), overall excellence, news excellence, live reporter, GA reporter
21 wins news special, breaking news, team coverage, overall excellence, news anchor, weather anchor
KMGH Denver 7/ABC 18 wins evening newscast, investigative series, overall excellence, investigative reporter
KCEC Univision Colorado
10 wins evening newscast, light news feature, light series, environment story, news anchor
E.W. Scripps Denver bureau 8 wins video journalist, news producer, human interest story, environment program
KDEN Telemundo
8 wins news special, GA reporter, GA report (24 hrs), GA report (no limit)
Rocky Mountain PBS
5 wins overall excellence, topical documentary, single promo, entertainment program
Cherokee Mountain Businesses (Osiyo TV) 4 wins informational program, informational feature, magazine program, magazine feature
3 wins evening newscast, continuing coverage
Oklahoma City
3 wins breaking news
KRDO NewsChannel 13/ABC
Colorado Springs
2 wins evening newscast
KOLN 10/11 Now/CBS
Lincoln (NE)
2 wins evening newscast (2)
1 win evening newscast


If you want to compare to years past, the link is here.

KUSA, KDVR, and KMGH lead the pack, though with less of a lead than last year. 

KCEC continues to lead among the Spanish-language stations.

Positions not nominated this year were sports anchor, small market mornings, medium market mornings, and most student categories.



In other news, the Lone Star chapter (Texas) has released its list of Sports Emmy nominees.

The ceremony will take place on August 22, 2020.

The list can be found here. Some highlights are below:

  • Fox Sports Southwest: 33
  • KXAS: 6
  • AT&T Sportsnet: 6
  • Cowboys: 5
  • WFAA: 5
  • KHOU: 5
  • Longhorns: 5
  • Texans: 4
  • KPRC: 2
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Now for the big boys:


Nominations for the 41st News and Documentary Emmys were announced this past week; PBS as usual leads with 48 nods followed by CNN (30) and HBO (27 + 107 for Primetime = 134 total). Among the broadcast networks, CBS has 17 nominations.


Netflix picked up 15 nods; add those to their record 160 for the Primetime awards, that's a total of 175!! Hulu, by the way, has 28 total: 26 Primetime, 2 News and Doc, while Prime Video has ZERO nominations (but 31 on the Primetime side). I'm sure that next year, Apple TV+ will have had enough documentaries for Emmy consideration.


In the two regional categories: Spot or Breaking News nods go to WJXT, KWEX, WLWT, WRAL, and WVLT; Investigative Report, WXIA, KSTP, KNXV, WBBM (the only O&O nominated), and WBFF.


The News categories will be handed out on Monday, September 21 (one day after the Primetime Awards) with the Documentary categories to follow on September 22.

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Last night on August 8, the Capital Emmys chapter (includes Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond, Hampton Roads, etc.) held its ceremony.

VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/446108607

WINNERS: https://www.capitalemmys.tv/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/62nd-Capital-Emmy-Awards-Nominations-and-Emmy-Recipients.pdf

WUSA CBS (9) 24 wins continuing coverage, team coverage, investigative story, overall excellence, sports anchor, investigative reporter, political reporter, transportation reporter
WZDC Telemundo (44) 18 wins daytime newscast, evening newscast, team coverage, overall excellence, news anchor, sports anchor
WJLA (+Channel Eight) ABC (7) 12 wins (+1) evening newscast, general assignment, serious series, overall excellence, news anchor, weather anchor
WRC NBC (4) 12 wins morning newscast, daytime newscast, team coverage, consumer reporter, investigative reporter
WFDC Univision (14) 8 wins team coverage, light feature, crime
WTTG FOX (5) 2 wins technology story, education (24 hours)
WBFF FOX (45) 19 wins continuing coverage (2), investigative series, serious series, GA reporter
WMAR ABC (2) 3 wins business/consumer program (2)
WBAL NBC (11) 2 wins daytime newscast, light feature
WJZ CBS (13) 1 win 24 hrs continuing coverage
WVEC ABC (13) 5 wins weekend newscast
WAVY NBC (10) 3 wins spot news, news feature (Chesapeake), religion (24 hours)
WTKR CBS (3) 0 wins  
WTVR CBS (6) 17 wins weekend newscast, weathercast, weather story, overall excellence
WWBT NBC (12) 8 wins morning newscast, daytime newscast, evening newscast
WRIC ABC (8) 0 wins  
WRLH FOX (35) 0 wins  
WDBJ CBS (7) 2 wins light feature, weather program
WSLS NBC (10) 1 win daytime newscast


When compared with last year's results --

WUSA, WZDC, WBFF, and WTVR again led their respective markets. The overall trends continue.

"Overall excellence" continued with WJLA and WZDC. WJLA won news anchor this year, but not last (WUSA did). WJLA won weather anchor this year, but not last (WZDC/WUSA did). Sports anchors continued their streak.

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5 hours ago, Roadrunner said:

OK I know this thread has low traffic, but I just wanted to share this little memento from WJLA:

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and water, text that says 'ON abc D YOUR SIDE Honored with 13 Regional Emmys INCLUDING: YUIDE Best News Anchor: Elias Best Weather Anchor: Bill Kelly Best Evening Newscast Overall Excellence- 2nd Year in Row'



It's very "graphic design is my passion" but unironically bad. The Times New Roman is just a no here.


This looks like it's from a Powerpoint made 20 years ago. Then again, graphic design has never ever been a strong suit at WJLA.


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44 minutes ago, scrabbleship said:


This looks like it's from a Powerpoint made 20 years ago. Then again, graphic design has never ever been a strong suit at WJLA.



That's because it likely *is* being made in Powerpoint directly by the sales team, and more likely than not part of a separate one-sheet to get prospective clients on board with an ad buy - a pretty common thing across many local TV stations.

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Good morning. Johnnya2k6. Want you and others to know that Maryland Public Television did earn Emmys this year -- eight of them. You can see the official list of all Emmy winners at the end of this document: https://www.capitalemmys.tv/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/62nd-Capital-Emmy-Awards-Nominations-and-Emmy-Recipients.pdf and read MPT's own news release about our winsat  https://www.mpt.org/about/pressroom/


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On 8/16/2020 at 1:37 PM, johnnya2k6 said:

No wins for WETA or Maryland Public Television this year (the PBS stations other than KCET always fare better at regional Emmys)?

Hi, I always try to link the winners PDF/lists in the post where I show the winners. For these two: WETA did not win any, but Maryland Public Television won 8.

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The 2020 Southeast Emmys were last night (9/12); WXIA/WATL remained the big winners taking Morning Newscast and News Excellence yet again among others with chief investigative reporter Brendan Keefe now upping his total Emmy haul to 105 (and maybe 106 after the national awards next week), while Overall Excellence and Daily Newscast belonged to WSB (the latter shared with Univision Atlanta on the Spanish-language side).

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Mid-Atlantic Emmys (basically Pennsylvania) came through on Saturday 9/19:


VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUFK5m3jjuc&app=desktop, featuring an introduction by Bob Saget


  • WCAU won 6 (team coverage, serious news, health news, etc.) - Lucy won 2 of the 6
  • KYW won 1 (spot coverage) - Natasha & Joe
  • KDKA won 4 (news series, consumer series, news special, politics story)
  • WPXI won 4 (evening news, morning news, news anchor [Lisa], GA reporter [Mike])
  • WGAL won 4 (morning news, GA report, specialty reporter, writer)
  • WHP won 3 (evening news, crime story, sports anchor)
  • WHTM won 2 (news editor, weather anchor)

WPVI had no noms. WTXF won none of their 2. KYW got 1 out of 10. WCAU won 6 out of their 24.

WTAE won none of their 10 noms. WPXI won 4 of their 17. KDKA won 4 of their 18. 

WGAL won 4 of their 12.

WHTM won 2 of their 17. WHP won 3 of their 8.

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The Rocky Mountain region (AZ, NM and UT) went on Saturday as well:





















KSL 16







KYMA/Telemundo 1


Nothing from KSAZ, KVOA or KGUN which is quite surprising; must not have decided to nominate anything. The news excellence and overall excellence awards went to KPNX. Look at KSL!

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Winners from this year's News & Documentary Emmys:




PBS as usual dominated those two nights, picking up 10 total (five news, five documentary), followed by CNN with eight (seven news, one documentary) and HBO, seven (four news, three docs; add those to their 30 Primetime Emmys, that's a grand total this year of 37!); Netflix collected three.


CBS won four among the Big Three networks while NBC collected only one and ABC...zero. But like I said before...Prime Video and Apple TV+ should give the others a run for their money next year.

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Ohio Valley Emmys (e.g. Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, Columbus) came through on Sunday 10/4:

RECIPIENTS: https://ohiovalleyemmy.org/files/2020/10/2020_Recipient-List.pdf

(Original nominees can be found here: https://ohiovalleyemmy.org/files/2020/10/2020_Nominee-List.pdf)

VIDEO: Watch through the Emmys app --> https://watch.theemmys.tv/ 


Overall excellence: WHIO & Cincy Stories

News excellence: WHIO

  • WCPO won 6/16 (human interest program, nostalgia program, specialty assn. reporter) 
  • WLWT won 5/16 (news anchor, daytime/weekend newscast, societal news series) 
  • WKRC won 2/6 (investigative story, crime story)
  • WXIX won 1/3 (short informational program)


  • WDRB won 13/26 (weather anchor, crime story, continuing coverage)
  • WAVE won 6/14 (serious feature, consumer, health/environment)
  • WHAS won 5/28 (evening newscast, general assn. report, investigative series)
  • WLKY won 2/9 (news director, sports feature)


  • WHIO won 3/6 (overall excellence, news excellence, breaking news)
  • WKEF/WRGT won 1/5 (continuing coverage)
  • WDTN won 0/0


  • WBNS won 8/23 (general assn. reporter, team coverage, sports anchor)
  • WSYX/WTTE won 7/15 (news special, gen. assn. report, serious feature)
  • WCMH won 0/5
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