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Tuesday9 and the Telesound NBC affiliate package

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The recent treasure trove of KOTA/KDUH material has helped remind me of one of the great muddlings in the NMSA.


Did you know that only one station of those listed...actually used Tuesday9?


The others all used a slightly different piece of music that isn't from Tuesday, which appears to be this offering listed from Telesound as early as 1982 in a listing in Television and Radio Age:




Both @TServo2049 and I suspect that this came first, and that Tuesday9 is based off of it.


WESH is the only station that appears to have used the "actual" Tuesday9.


You might notice that the open is faster-paced than the VO-free open from this package. Also...those NBC chimes in the close!



Here's another example from WIS... This must have been a close cut, different from the one used by WTVO or KDUH.


The open is unmistakably slower than that of WESH!


If you think about the media markets where this was used, with the exception of St. Louis, this really makes a lot of sense as an affiliate package. (Especially Rapid City, Fort Myers back then was ADI #112, Rockford...)


It's also fun to think that KOTA-KDUH used an NBC affiliate package after the switch to ABC in 1984.

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Posted (edited)

Yeah, I'm with @Samantha. My personal belief is that Tuesday9 was a straight-up ripoff of the Telesound NBC affiliate package. I would presume that either Tuesday came up with a faster-paced clone and WESH was the only taker, or maybe WESH commissioned it because they wanted something faster and they were already a Tuesday client. No idea which though.

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