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NBC Special Report Meltdown

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The Work from Home meltdowns continued yesterday on NBC/MSNBC with this complete disaster of a special report.


Things start out bad on MSNBC, where anchor Chris Jansing attempted to let network join the MSNBC feed, while her phone emitted a loud busy signal (second video) which she hastily silenced as the special report animation ended and her camera went live. Later, the feed transitions to the end card in the middle of a live shot (first video) and goes back to Chris, who just throws down her notepad in frustration before they go to commercial.



But wait, there's more! That weird end was just an abrupt cut to black on the network (Fast-forward to 13:05 if it doesn't take you there automatically.)


After the meltdown at CBS Evening News, we're starting to see the limits of "work from home". No backups, poor communication, dozens of extra points of failure. If the current situation keeps up, you have to wonder when networks will start giving up and going "back to normal".

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I couldn’t agree more. During these uncertain times, we need our news organizations (national and local) at the top of their game. They have to get out of the mindset of ‘at least we made it on-air’ and put in place comprehensive plans to get things as close as possible & safely, back to normal.

I was disappointed with the Chicago coverage yesterday in part because they didn’t break in quickly (and enough) to give people a heads up as to was going on. A lot of people were either oblivious or caught off guard to the chaos that was happening for hours. 


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