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KTTV - Fox 11 News Thread


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4 hours ago, CraigViewer said:

At one point, Channel 13 was the broadcast home of the L.A. Marathon, televised Clippers basketball and had its own news department, with nightly news broadcasts.


Once the news department was shuttered, it seems like the station started to fall apart. 


Nowadays, other than some syndicated courtroom shows and daytime talk show programming, the station resembles KDOC out of Orange County.

 And KDOC is no more, having been sold last summer to Tri-State Christian Television.


The downfall of KCOP, WWOR-TV and others is all Fox's fault. Maybe it would have been inevitable, but I truly think the former Chris-Craft UPN stations would have been better off had someone else other than Fox bought them.

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With the rebranding of KCOP to FOX 11 PLUS, what does it actually mean for the station?  They should do something within the next couple of weeks since FOX does have the super bowl this year, and that would help jumpstart whatever they're deciding to do with KCOP.

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More turmoil at KTTV – acting news director Pete Wilgoren is out. By my count, three LA stations are currently without a news director (KTTV, KNBC, KTLA). Yikes.



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Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but it appears that meteorologist, Rick Dickert, is no longer employed with FOX 11 after serving 30+ years. According to his Linkedin profile, May was his last month with the station and has been removed from the station's website. It also appears that reporters Travis Rice and Jessica Oh are no longer with the station and are also removed from the on-air personalities page. Neither of them has publicly addressed their departure from FOX 11. 

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Posting in the KTTV thread since KTTV and KCOP have been a duopoly for years. Talk about a throwback! KCOPs UPN News 13 Live at 3:30. I believe this is either 1996 or 1997. Top story is the North Hollywood shootout aftermath



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