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KTTV - Fox 11 News Thread


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On 10/2/2020 at 6:52 PM, Roadrunner said:

I mentioned this position opening in the WPVI thread because Melissa Magee was leaving to come home to LA (I want to think she is a possible candidate, but it wouldn't make sense for the position to appear just as she's leaving), but I really don't understand why Rick isn't a shoo-in for the position, considering how passionate he is for meteorology and how he's been doing the weekday evenings pretty consistently since Stu came onboard. I get that he might not want it either because of other commitments in his private life, but other than that, nothing suggests he doesn't deserve it. 

Scratch whatever I said here above about Fox 11 not needing five mets, because I clearly didn't pay attention to the fact that they hired the Weather Channel's Liana Brackett, who began in early-September. Her shifts are more sporadic and she's still working with the Weather Channel on the weekends, so I'm not sure if Fox is going to give her a more prominent role. But with the job posting for chief met still up, is there really a need for six mets in the LA area at the station?


1 hour ago, FiveNews said:

I buried the lead here, though! They finally got new music!!!

They also got new graphics, including a new bug and new weather graphics for the program. The new bug is fine and adopts the shape of the "Good Day LA" logo while being translucent instead of the solid aqua blue. The weather graphics could use a lot more customization, though; I mean, Arial in some of the fonts? It seems like it could also be just a slight error, but I'm not convinced, because of the awful standardization across all Fox O&Os with their weather graphics. Looks like it could use a lot more work in finesse, but that's just my hot take. 


In terms of the set, that's also been tweaked, with some more stand-up/full-body shots and we also see the talent being together in one shot at a distance sometimes. Michaela now has her own little desk and I think this is great, because it breaks up the hum-drum of the split-screen format Tony/Araksya were using that was caused by the distancing. The show is also, as mentioned, clearly revolving around her. I'm sure they paid her a pretty penny to come here, so this does make sense and I think it's a good move. Hopefully, she can move the needle and we won't see a "Michaela leaves" headline in three years or so. 


I'll edit this post with more detailed findings if I can remember.


Interview of Michaela by the LA Times about joining Good Day

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Here's an article I found on the LA Times site discussing Michaela's arrival to KTTV, history at KTLA and challenges GDLA has had since 2017.




Also, if you look at Rita Garcia or Marla Tellez's IG Stories, they show the top story after the open on the new GDLA...which, of course, was the Dodgers advancing to the World Series! Go Blue! IG: @theritagarcia and @marlatellez

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1 hour ago, JoseRM303 said:

Vanessa Borge leaving KTTV and LA heading back to Miami and joining WSVN as weekday morning anchor. 



Honestly not surprised here because her role was already small (comparatively speaking) to begin with and now that Michaela's here, she's not really needed anymore. It's unfortunate how she was nixed from WFOR so this is a great homecoming for Vanessa.

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57 minutes ago, Roadrunner said:


Thoughts and prayers are with Hal and his photographer. Especially the FOX 11 News team.

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Rita solo anchored the 4am hour and contributed to the show usually at the newsroom's Live Desk the rest of the way until 10am. Tony and Araksya co-anchor from 5-7, Michaela anchors the show from 7-10 with contributions from both Tony and Araksya from various parts of the studio. Seems weird to have an anchor leave a show that is going thru a re-branding during May Sweeps.

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It's a shame Rita was essentially pushed out due to her shrinking role, but the writing was on the wall after they tweaked the teams when Michaela came onboard. Especially when Vanessa was reduced to zero after that and then Rita basically held onto the scraps that Vanessa had to begin with. I don't think Rita's exit is really wrongly timed considering sweeps calculations ended approximately when she posted her announcement. But Brooke is the new 'it' girl for GDLA so hopefully we don't see another cycling of anchors in 3 years. I wish Rita well.  

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