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KTTV - Fox 11 News Thread

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Thought it'd be best to create a thread for KTTV for developments to be centralized.


Recent developments at KTTV:

- In March 2019, KTTV shifted anchors in their lineup, with Elex Michaelson moving to nights with Christine Devine, swapping with Dan Cohen, who moved to Good Day LA. GDLA was also expanded to 4AM.

- In late-June 2019, Bill Lamb was named VP/GM of the station, succeeding Bob Cook, who left to head distribution for FTS

- In August 2019, ND Kris Knutsen was fired. 

- In December 2019, Erica Hill-Rodriguez was named the new ND.

- In early-2020, the station added weekday 6-6:30PM newscasts and an additional 7-7:30PM special newscast dedicated to the pandemic. (temporary? permanent? seemingly up for debate)


Since August 2019, those who've left/no longer affiliated or possibly become freelance, include Matt Johnson (reporter), Megan Colarossi (anchor), Leah Uko (reporter), and Seth Lemon (reporter).

In the same time frame, Koco McAboy (reporter) has joined. [all sourced from station website]


May 26, 2020:

FTVLive reports Julie Chang (entertainment anchor) is out and, though her social media still mentions Fox 11, her bio is officially gone from the website. She was with the station since 2012. He also mentions that his sources have informed him that the station is looking to cut more talent as their contracts end. Wouldn't surprise me given the expectation of layoffs in local TV with the pandemic wreaking havoc, and we've also seen many high-profile cuts in the past like Lucey, Barberie, Sansone, Breckenridge, etc., so what surprises will come next?


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