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Another Tegna bidder: Trinity Broadcasting, partner

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In the past, religious and secular broadcasting have gone from having working and dysfunctional relationships.


On the working end are stations like KSL, even though they have exercised more liberty in pre-empting shows that do not meet their "moral standards"


And then there's WBNX, which masqueraded as a very successful WB and CW affiliate (until 2018) all while being under the umbrella of Ernest Angley.  Before their affiliation days, they frequently censored "dirty" words from shows.  Ernest even objected to shows like Charmed, but the show aired, likely due to network contracts and "as-aired" clauses.


And in cases where Daystar prevailed over stations they've either acquired or sold, they've settled for a subchannel perch so the main broadcaster can do their thing.


On the dysfunctional?


KNLC, when it picked up Fox Kids and later the UPN affiliation in St. Louis.  Both were very short lived due to the owner (New Life Evangelicalistic Center) frequently pre-empting programs they felt were offensive, and refusing to sell local ads, and replacing the airtime with sermons on controversial issues as the death penalty, same sex marriage, and abortion.  It limped on until 2017, until Weigel purchased the station.  They got the .2, but Weigel programmed the rest with their networks.


Having TBN as a partner could be a major sticking point, especially if they exercise their "moral authority" over the networks.  That alone could kill the deal, and if it prevails, the networks could bolt when the contracts are up.  And the threats could de-value the stations.



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I'd be more curious about health insurance and whether or not they'd refuse to cover some things because it goes against their morals.

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