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ABC News to Debut New Special Report Graphics

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I saw the tail end of tonight's interruption about more MN violence. I was looking for info about the same near San Diego, but no one was covering it on TV at that moment. I'm going to have to look again at this package on YouTube, if they have it on there yet. I do like the thick strokeweight of "SPECIAL REPORT". It looks really good. And it distances ABC from NBC. Their SR opens/closes had very similar fonts for a while IIRC.


Orange is unorthodox, but I think it looks OK. I do wish "SPECIAL REPORT" were all in white, though. There's something rather urgent in my mind about it. As for blue background, I like it. Red reminds me of an EAS test I saw on a Columbus, OH station in 2003 ahead of a USWNT soccer match I went there for. Urgent, yes, but more suited for an emergency requiring evacuation or other action. 


I am sick of "breaking news". There is so much within the confines of a newscast that it just doesn't phase me anymore. So to brand what I always knew as a "special report" or, less commonly, a "bulletin", as just "breaking news"? If I am busy tweeting for facebooking or what have you, I'm not going to aurally tune in as automatically as if I hear the words "SPECIAL REPORT" for an interruption of a non-news show. 

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