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TVNT 2020: A New Theme (with Dark Mode!)

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Last year we rolled out a major change to the forum software that inadvertently removed a feature that many of you enjoyed: a dark theme. Today, we are happy to announce that a new theme, dubbed internally as "TVNT.2020". that features a toggleable dark mode. The new theme is now available if you wish to help test it out, and will roll out as the default theme in the coming days.


How can I switch over to this new theme?
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the "Theme" dropdown in the footer. You should see the option "TVNT.2020" under the current theme "TVNT.Blue v2" NOTE: This option is currently only available to site members. Guests and new accounts are not able to see the new theme at this time.



OK, I did that. Now where's this dark mode?

Dark mode can be toggled in the navbar that is attached to the top of the page. Just click on the moon icon for a (visually) darker TVNT experience that's perfect for control rooms, edit bays, and all other places where light is frowned upon. This applies to both desktop and mobile views of the site!


I don't like it!

You can switch back to the current theme (for the time being) by using that "Theme" menu in the footer, but we'd appreciate it if you left feedback here about why you didn't like it. We will be looking at all feedback, and attempt to incorporate what we can into the "final" design before it's made the default. 


Something seems broken or doesn't work right.

Please leave a comment here (or send me a private message) with any relevant details, along with a screenshot of the problem (if possible) as well as information about the device you are using (i.e. an iPad or mobile phone).


Current known issues:

  • Discord box does not fill the full sidebar (Width is hard-coded and changing it would break current default theme)
  • Some text is being rendered as Helvetica, when the rest of the site is set in Proxima Nova (In progress)
  • Latest Posts sidebar on front page is too lengthy (Under Investigation)


This is just one of the many exciting changes we have in store for 2020! 


Happy posting!

-The Management

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I can see the difference between the darker version vs the light version, I'll attach the 2 screenshots I think the 2020 layout is ok but could use improvements like the ability to view latest posts without much effort that for me was one of my pet peeves about this layout.


For now I'll stick to the default layout

Screenshot (61).png

Screenshot (62).png

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This is not really a problem, but more of a preference:  I notice that the latest postings section is a bit more spaced out than the current version.   It seems like I have to scroll just slightly more to see all the latest posts.  But again, it's not a problem but just a preference that I like to see things concisely.

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1 hour ago, TheRolyPoly said:

I hope the unread content page can be fixed in the new layout as I can't condense the new posts. They're all expanded, never condensed.


This is a problem in the old layout as well.

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