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Scripps Graphics 2019

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There have been quite a few opinions expressed regarding these graphics. Please consider what you have previously stated when drafting new posts to this thread. Anyone who gets overly repetitive (i.e. repeatedly replying to this thread to express your distaste for the package) is subject to having their posting moderated.

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1 hour ago, MarkBRollins88_v2 said:

When will GMs get it through their heads CHEAPING OUT ON A VIRTUAL SET IS NEVER WORTH IT. If you don’t want to spend money on a new set, keep your old one. A dated set looks better than a virtual set poorly masquerading as a real one. 


on a side note, I agree the election graphics look good as default graphics.



Although it's not quite the worst virtual set I've seen on a station, it is unacceptable for a CBS affiliate to use a virtual set like that.   For something like a college newscast or podcast, that is one thing.  But Scripps can and should do better for a station like this.

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Made it better. 🙂   My point: the package is fine.  One could argue it's a bit rough around the edges (why the speech bubble?), but otherwise it's fairly inoffensive. If this forum

Yep. As long as Scripps doesn't change it to Tomorrow's TMJ4  

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The only station group that does virtual studios reasonably well is what Global is doing north of the border at the major-market Global O&O stations originally with Orad, and now Avid. Had hopes Scripps might have figured things out by now for their virtual studio shops but clearly there's more work to be done.

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15 minutes ago, LexTVandRadio said:

Wonder if we will even see any other stations do anything until after election day?  I am sure most have their graphics tested and created for the election results. 

I would be extremely shocked if they do. 
Making election graphics is extremely time consuming. 

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11 minutes ago, ABC 7 Denver said:


Speaking of LEX18:



I’ve seen that one around. The color peacock is back. Noticed this one around the other day too. 

Wonder what they will do with the set... Add a skyline shot? They've been using the current graphics that are nice and colorful.


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8 hours ago, LexTVandRadio said:

LEX18 is using the scripps music but not the new graphics. 

WX segment. 


Still has the LinearDRIFT Graphics (no offense, but THANK ZEUS! and not switch to that basic GFX) 

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