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WBAY new set??


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18 minutes ago, Yankees4life said:

Another station stripped of its iconic Eyewitness News theme šŸ˜”

It was only there because Young was cheap and Counterpoint was pulled en masseĀ at the start of 2006. And they only used five cuts of the theme that I can hum from memory easily.


It's one thing if it's been there since the mid-90s...but it was a rush replacement to retain some kind of news music from a company that had zero leverage from anyone (and under Media General later, WBAY was their literal Siberia with no sister station 250 miles around; only now, Gray has finally given them some TLC), though honestly the replacement to an average viewer who doesn't follow news themesĀ can sound like just an 'update' as it has the same tempo and beat (and why that cut of Guardian was specifically chosen rather than the main version).

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19 hours ago, MidwestTV said:

Did they use a mini green screen as a faux-monitor in the weather center before?

If I recall correctly... I think when that set first launched it was an actual screen, but it looked washed out on TV. At some point they swapped to a chroma-keyed faux-monitor but it always looked really grainy like it was a bad key or something. I wish I had a screen cap to show what I'm talking about.

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