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2019-20 NHL/NBA season

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19 hours ago, racefan_09 said:

NHL on Fox on Sinclair on NBCSN. Don’t remember them showing any non-NBC RSN feeds before this year but they’ve done it a lot this week.


And it'll probably remain (insert league name/abbreviation) on Fox on Sinclair at least for the rest of the year. Chris Ripley said during the confrence call with investors that Sinclair expects to reveal the new name for the RSNs early next year

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John Forslund is no longer under contract with the Hurricanes because ownership severely lowballed him, so he will be more free to work more of NBC‘s games. He will not be a part of any Fox Sports Car

I agree. I haven't watched an RSN for anything except live sports since the mid-2000s when they still had better peripheral content. The minute the game is over, I tune away.


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I'm hoping (but not holding my breath) that NBC finally finishes its long drawn out NHL graphics update. They updated a ton of insert elements during the Qualifying Round after debuting the animation package last playoffs. That leaves them down to just the scorebar, lowers and general chart elements that have not been updated.

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On 8/5/2020 at 10:53 AM, WCAUTVNBC10 said:


Yeah they're showing games that fall between the Noon and 4PM windows as "bonus coverage" after the Noon game is over. Easy way to fill programming.



Same thing with the "real" first round on Friday.    Matchups not aired in their entirety on NBCSN will air on NHL Network. CNBC and USA have a few games too.

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Only a slight change for NBC, starting with yesterday's games both the national broadcasts and RSNs are showing a constant shot clock on the scorebar during even strength play. The design of the scorebar prevents them from displaying during power plays which I'm sure they'll address with the next package.

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