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NBC News Moving Network Bureau to 400 N. Capitol Street NW

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Here’s out first look at the new studio on the 8th floor of the bureau. This studio space debuted alongside MSNBC’s new show “The Cross Connection.” We can expect to see more of this space tomorrow during the debut of “The Sunday Show.” 

In addition, the street level studio should debut tomorrow for Meet the Press. 




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Today (as I am typing this actually), MSNBC is debuting 'The Sunday Show' from the same 8th floor studio. Here's a look at how it is using the space. 


It is worth noting a few things to orient yourself in this space:

     - this studio space used to look like this before a fire destroyed it last year. 

     - the shot of Jonathan in front of the Capital Building is actually a window (four stories above Fox's Special Report/Fox News Sunday/Media Buzz studio). That                    window was covered by the video wall showing the White House in the link above

     - the three monitors will the blue band around them replace the tv in the old design with the NBC News logo on it 

     - the new inset with the video wall on three sides surrounding the desk is a new addition to the space. It replaces the video wall in the original space showing the                   Capital



Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 11.35.41 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 11.34.34 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 11.31.36 AM.png



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20 minutes ago, Drew said:

From what I understand Meet the Press didn't use the window studio today correct? They also have one more upstairs studio left to debut as well. 

They did not use the street side studio. I was at the bureau yesterday while they were testing it, so I am curious as to why they didn’t debut it.


There is one new studio to debut, correct. According my sources, it is on the 7th floor right below the studio seen above and has not even begun construction.


Attached is quite blurry photo I took in a rush  - you can see the new studio on the top floor and the studio with an empty grid below


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I was guessing inauguration but weekend today announced it was going to debut a new studio this week. But Peter Alexander was in close contact with someone that tested positive at the White House  this week so that stopped it. 

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I am pretty sure Weekend Today is supposed to be in the studio that did debut this weekend.


MTP has been slated to debut before the end of this year for some time. Covid may have changed that, but as of now I have yet to hear anything about it being delayed until the inauguration. 

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Is Saturday Today formally relocated to DC? Last weekend they were in Studio 1A and obviously before the pandemic but introducing a brand new set almost seems like they’re staying put which makes sense when both hosts live there.


Regardless, the set looks great but somewhat one dimensional.

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