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when old TV gear is retired


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thought this might be of interest to some of you... especially those around LA... your chance to own some local TV history!!


recently was in the los angeles area and paid a visit to Apex Electronics surplus at the suggestion of an engineer i know... what a joint! the place has an indoor portion made up of tall shelves crammed with old electronic equipment... and an outdoor junkyard that has a selection ranging from airplane parts to microwave antennas to piles of old betacam decks... a dumping ground for electronics the studios and networks no longer want...


didn't get any pics myself, but this video from 9 years ago will give you a good feel for the place...



right now... they have a lot of old gear with NBC asset tags on it... probably from NBC Burbank?? to think what that gear "saw"... the analog signal of Carson passing through them...


 saw something from just about every other local station too... KCOP/KTTV video patch bays... KCBS edit controllers... old studio cameras with Paramount asset tags (KTLA??) old radio cart machines... some of the first grass valley switchers made... all part of the history of tv broadcasting in the area...


anyone ever find a place near you like this?? 

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