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New CBS O&O Look Coming Soon?

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No sign of CBSN Chicago in sight, but WBBM is using some of the full screen graphics for local stories.





Also, while it doesn't match the streaming look, they tested an updated 7-Day over this past weekend.




While we're at it, let's throw in the ticker and bug adjustments at WCBS, too. (IceManNYR with the screenshot)


Video 018.jpeg

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Not going to lie. I sat here waiting for images to load before I saw your note.

Apparently someone in the KPIX graphics department reads TVNT. Now roll this out across the O&Os!

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In addition, some promos have transitioned to the similar, flat look. CBS has typically operated on a 3-year cycle ('10, '13, and '16), with new packages debuting sometime during the warmer months.


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I was going to say when will WJZ update the graphics. Took them a few months to go widescreen Chyrons (that are textually still 4:3 safe - they just updated the background).  Plus they run a Baron weather system and may take time to roll out compared to the bulk using WSI/TWC.

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This one has the updated 7-Day!  I guess we can call it complete.  Not sure why Mary Kay Kleist isn't onboard, but Robb Ellis sure is!  And not sure if more changes are on the way outside of the weather dept.  I would hope so, 'cause the lower-thirds don't match, for one thing.



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2 hours ago, ABC 7 Denver said:

No guys, not a new package. This is just the integration of the CBSN New York package into all newscasts.


Ick, I hope not. That would be a huge downgrade compared to their current package. 


I think you're right though sadly.

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I'd be surprised if the CBSN look rolled out to the OTA newscasts with no modifcations or differences. Whether it's more thorough opens, a different bug with the station logo, or different lower thirds, what's used for the cable-like CBSN might not work as well for the traditional local format. The best comparison I can think of is how WGN and CLTV have differentiated their looks over the last decade, while sharing fonts, color schemes, and basic design elements.

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18 hours ago, Kenneth Kissel said:

Here is KDKA using the new CBS O&O Weather graphics. I think they look a lot like the Weather Graphics Sinclair has. 












It kinda looks like a gen 2 of the Limerick graphics if Raycom didn’t get bought out.

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