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Sinclair Apparent Winner of Fox Sports Networks

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9 hours ago, Georgie56 said:

As I posted before, that Big Opening Day special yesterday felt like a test for a Sportscenter-type show they may be planning for sometime in the future. 


This strategy would also harken back to the early days of Fox Sports Net.


I'm skeptical about this as FOX tried to compete with SportsCenter in the early days of both FSN and FS1 and failed.

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Chris Ripley has, time and time again, demonstrated this company's delusions of grandeur and utter lack of any knowledge of its place in the media landscape, or the landscape itself, and this strikes

They've been on the same tower for years, and WDJT relays them on 58.3. Problem is Weigel has so many channels relaying on WDJT's main signal that none of them have a decent picture quality.

"The F stands for 'you all ask too many f-ing questions'." -Sinclair, probably

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Looks like Bally's has plans to introduce exclusive graphics for each sport once the new NBA and NHL seasons start in October. Makes sense since they launched with only a month left in the current Basketball/Hockey season. Seems a lot better if they do a full rollout at the beginning the season. Baseball will probably get the same treatment next Summer as well.



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16 hours ago, Georgie56 said:

Well, looks like MLBN/NHLN fixed their problem.




Did MLBN/NHLN shrink the feed or did Bally hike up the bar. Seems like the latter to me.

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1 hour ago, WCAUTVNBC10 said:

Did MLBN/NHLN shrink the feed or did Bally hike up the bar. Seems like the latter to me.


It's actually the former. Raising it on the screen would defeat the purpose of it being streamlined and efficient, but a quick check of raw MLB highlights shows it hasn't changed.



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Here's a good collumn made by the SBJ about the future of the BSNs 



Sinclair is going to have a ton of negotiating to do beginning with the Clippers, Pelicans and Predators all have rights coming up plus the out of market agreements with the NBA and the NHL expires after this season.


A lot of negotiating ahead and I'm sure the leagues and the teams are definitely going to hit home to Sinclair about getting them back on the streammers + Dish.

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2 hours ago, CTrey98 said:

It took 12 days after the network launch but the Bally Sports website has finally went live! Still no update on the Fox Sports Go app which is now all thats left of the Fox brand on the regional sports networks. https://www.ballysports.com/

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 4.03.50 AM.png


They're trying to make a new national sports website instead of just a promotional tool for the networks.

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