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WXTV News Sets Throughout The Years


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As some of you don't know, this Wednesday as of this typing, WXTV Univision 41 will debut a brand new set to match the ones from several of it's sister Univision O&Os (That would likely include a video wall). To celebrate, I'm going to share some images of WXTV's news sets throughout the years.

First is the oldest known news set found around the net and it's the first news set (I think) from their former Secaucus, NJ studios.


Here's several other news sets WXTV used during the 1980s:





From the 1990s...




And here are the news sets that were used from their current Teaneck, NJ facilities.


Note: The first Teaneck news set is unique as the anchor desk faces in front of the news room during the 6PM newscast while other times it's in front of a city backdrop.

Image result for WXTV studio

Their longest used Teaneck set. Used from 2004 to 2012.
Related image


Last but not least, their 2012 set. One with the old Univision logo and one with the then new one.

Hoped you guys enjoy.

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Here's the latest and most advanced news set currently in use for WXTV. This set debuted yesterday, as well as being the first after the 2019 Univision logo change, the retirement of Rafael Pineda and the cancellation of Sabado Gigante. 

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