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Rules and TOS Updated

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Hello all,


Late last summer, we added several Moderators to the site, to help enforce and uphold our site rules. Since then, it became clear that the rules were not always written clearly enough to enforce them consistently, and in some cases there were rules that had existed on the site for years that were not communicated clearly within the rules document.


After several weeks of work reviewing the rules of numerous other online communities (and borrowing some wording where we thought they said it best!) we have rewritten and reformatted our own rules to make them more clear and streamlined. We have consolidated many of the rules into simple bullet points under two headers, Content Standards and Standards of Quality. 


You can review the updated rules document here.


Long story short, many of the rules have simply been reformatted. There really isn't anything "new" that wasn't there before, with a few exceptions:

  • "Content must be verifiable. Claims presented as fact must be supported by evidence. If you cannot back up your claims, do not post them." Basically, If you're going to make an outrageous claim, you need to have the evidence to back it up. Posts featuring unsubstantiated claims presented as fact will be removed. This is specifically directed at statements that could be considered libelous or defamatory.
  • General Threads should no longer be created without clearance from site staff. This has been an unofficial rule since 2015, and is now officially codified. Current "general" threads are not affected, however, we will be monitoring these threads and may opt to begin closing those that are being misused in the future.
  • "List" threads are still not allowed without permission. If you think you have a great idea for a list thread, please contact a staff member.
  • The inner workings of the warning system have been added. 


In addition to the updated rules, the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have also been reformatted and updated. 


We are ready and open to listening to any feedback you may have regarding these updates. Feel free to reach out via this thread, or through private messages.


Thank you,

The Management of TVNewsTalk.

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