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The Ever-Evolving Gray Graphics Situation...Thread


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WFIE's old "14Production" unit still posts a lot of their video they end up porting to Facebook on Vimeo. They posted this recently. I have to wonder if they won't do any graphics upgrades until they do this renovation/installation:


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1 hour ago, CircleSeven said:

And we have another New Station. WITN has joined the Carolina Coastline sisters (sans WMBF) with the WMC pack.



Videos courtesy of "DADOSUPERMARIO 2" from YT.


That is the worst variation of that package that I have ever seen!

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18 minutes ago, Dakota Laughlin said:

The weather graphics may be getting some of that yellow/orange all the time, I think it would be a nice fit!


Oh that would be a nice touch to it.  I haven't been able to watch WSAZ on air since late 2019. Hopefully this year I'll be able to make it back to WV to visit.

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14 hours ago, Dakota Laughlin said:

Update: The bug will only rotate with severe weather!


What other GRAY stations have animated/rotating bugs? So I can get an idea.


WFIE's bug fades between the main logo for 14 NEWS, the Amazon Fire TV app, Apple TV app, and Roku TV app. I think WAVE's does too.

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I would like to get everyone's thoughts on adding some orange to WSAZ'S weather banners, blue is WSAZ'S, Orange is my depiction. I have been talking to WSAZ and sent them my rough idea. This is about the color, I understand mine isn't 100% like the original and the text is hard to read, it's about the color combination.



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It's fine how it is. It matches the plainness of everything else. I get you have a personal attachment to this particular station, but the graphics package just doesn't warrant this much attention. It's plain like the others, and no amount of orange will fix that, nor will they add orange to it.

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Might be a glitch in preparing to possibly launch new graphics, but WFIE has had this extra time/temp on the lower right corner of the screen at the start of their 10:00 news tonight. Disappeared after the first break when the Gray weather ticker appeared.


Source: smartphone camera on OTA signal




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