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Have more stations adopted 1080P?

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Hi all! As 4K TV's become more popular, will we at least see the adoption of 1080P for local/network TV? Watching my local fox/ABC channels on Xfinity X1 and other providers (before moving.) it looks like bitrates are limited to 2.2 Mb/s or 720 in resolution. Any chances of that changing? Maybe 720/60 FPS?


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1080p is not compatible with OTA transmission under the current ATSC 2.0 standards that almost all stations broadcast in (there are still low power analog stations out there!!)


There are a handful of testing stations out there transmitting ATSC 3.0 (which would support 4K OTA) in 1080p (WRAL is one, but I have a feeling they're just up converting from 1080i.)


FOX and ABC are both 720p networks. CBS and NBC are 1080i. It's unlikely that stuff will change in the near future, though in theory it might be possible for local stations to start producing news in 1080p if they have the equipment to do so.




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