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KNBC 1994...The Retirement of Dick Smith

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Way back in the olden days of 1994...when people weren't so uptight, and when folks could take a good joke...KNBC's Dick K Smith retired.


Who was Dick K. Smith? Dick was a NBC cameraman based in Burbank for 36 years.

When Dick retired in 1994 a going away tape (traditional) was shot and cut.  A station photog and producer would roam the building getting nasty sound pops and vicious "bites' to send off the retiree.


This tape was recovered by the OP (Thank You Bob z) when NBC LA moved to Universal city in 2014.


There is a lot of "inside stuff" here that most the public NEVER sees...and it's shows how crass and seriously dis-jointed one becomes after spending too much time in newsrooms, and the streets.


Enjoy the tape for what it is...nothing but fun spirited.




Edited by Eat News
Tom Snyder and Wendy O Williams 5-20-1981 Tomorrow Show..https://youtu.be/cBRAFpfnM9k
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