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Gray Television - General Thread

The Frog

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On 2/21/2023 at 10:57 AM, DGD1314 said:

I'm not sure about that, but I did just check the cable listings and WSB has a better placement that WGXA's  ABC .2. Interesting...



It also helps when Cox Media Group is still connected to Cox Enterprises who owns Cox's cable unit, so no need for a carriage dispute there.

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On 2/16/2023 at 3:03 AM, T.L. Hughes said:

Could you clue me in? ‘Cause my only conclusion with the Flagstaff purchase was in the same vein of KNAZ’s relationship with KPNX: to act as a satellite of either KTVK or KPHO. Same with the Winnemucca purchase in relation to KOLO, since what is now KWNV was once a KRNV satellite.


Sorry about not seeing this until now.


On March 1, Gray launched the Arizona Family Sports and Entertainment Network on KPHE-LD here in Phoenix. It airs almost all of the KTVK/KPHO newscasts as well as sports programming from Gray's library and the rights to Phoenix Rising FC (USL) soccer and Arizona Interscholastic Association high school championships (PRFC was announced alongside the launch of the channel).


KPHE-LD had spent most of the last 15 years as a Spanish-language station. It was the last TV station owned by Lotus—which is primarily a radio operator in the West and has clusters in Las Vegas and Tucson, but not Phoenix. They had intended to sell to Phil Falcone's Sovryn Holdings, but the deal fell through. Gray then spent $1.75 million. Gray also secured a low cable position (13) for it, though it is still broadcast in SD.


When Gray filed paperwork in re: what's now KAZF, they went out of their way to note that the station has no contour overlap with KTVK or KPHO—in other words, that it can be programmed separately. I expected them to illuminate at least Flagstaff with this new service, and Yuma is very possible now that I see the content on it.


Also worth noting they added a subchannel to KPHE-LD containing Fido TV, which is a niche cable channel about dogs. This must be their first OTA exposure. They also still have two subchannels of infomercials. LATV has disappeared.

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2 hours ago, DirtyHarry said:

That news person isn't all that tiny either. 


Maybe it's for a new TLC show:  Little People, Big Video Wall.


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