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I’m curious how the first week of CA Live went. The show airs in KNBC, KNSD and KNTV at 11:30.  


Since I’m not there I’m asking questions:  

  • What’s the format of the show?
  • Is it pay to play (promotional consideration mentioned)?
  • Are there local opts for the stations?  
  • Could you see this move to other non NBC O&O stations in CA either live or tape delayed?
  • Could the content of the show be repackaged to another show, same hosts at a different station (think NY Live and WBTS’ The Hub)?  
  • How will they handle news if it breaks in LA or a car chase? (It uses one side of the KNBC studio and likely control room and KVEA’s newscasts start when CA Live ends). 
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I only watched 5 minutes of it and switched to KGO’s extended hour midday newscast instead. 


CA Live is basically an O&O version similar to when KSWB was a bit ahead of its time when they launched Chrissy Russo Live which didn’t last that long. 



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