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This thread will soon become "Comings and Goings", a thread targeted at talent and staff arrivals and departures. Please consider starting new threads for anything that does not fit this criteria. 
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@TexasTVNews had it right on the money. Albert Flores has been promoted to chief meteorologist at San Antonio's WOAI. He will shift his duties from the weekday morning newscast to the 5, 6, 6:30 and 10 p.m. newscasts starting May 27.


I figured he was going to take over. Considering he had been chief at KENS over 20 years, it was only natural to promote him. I like him, he's a great meteorologist. Unfortunately, he had an incident in 2001 where he plagiarized material for his Express-News column which cost him his job at KENS. Fortunately WOAI has given him a second chance but a select few viewers have not. Any time there's an article on My SA about him most of the commenters will bring up his plagiarism incident from 2001 and say he's not qualified to be chief and shame on WOAI for promoting him.


Sorry but he deserves a second chance and all he did was plagiarize. Give him a pass. He's gotten over it a long time ago. If he was a journalist then yes, I would think about it differently. But he's not, he's a meteorologist, so the standards are a little different. No, I'm defending him plagiarizing but the incident happened nearly 15 years ago. Just forget about it.....


Other briefs coming out of San Antonio (I can't remember so much media news coming out of this market before):

  • the original poster didn't mention this, but Mike Hernandez from KABB will be filling in on the morning shift until they hire someone else. Will be curious to see who they hire. Lately, Blaise Labbe has been bringing in a lot of outsiders in to the Sinclair shop here, as you'll see in a moment. Also, I hope Hernandez won't be working seven day weeks since he is currently KABB's weekend meteorologist and does Daytime at Nine during the week. He generally gets two days off during the week. KABB has Robert Luna as a weekend fill-in but I don't see him getting a full-time position because he is a high school teacher during the week. Honestly, I just see Siobhain Anders adding KABB's 9PM news to her plate since it's much cheaper than hiring someone else just to do one thirty-minute newscast two days a week. KABB and WOAI have a direct fiber link that was installed not long after Sinclair took over, so Anders could do the 9PM weather live from WOAI for KABB. Once they move in, that will be a moot point.
  • According to the Express-News, Blaise Labbe is this/close to announcing a replacement for Elsa Ramon. Some believe that Delaine Mathieu will permanently add the 6 and 10 to her schedule, while others think they will hire an outsider.
  • Time Warner Cable News San Antonio has announced it will launch June 2. Currently on cable channel 14, which is where TWC News will be, is a loop of Capital Tonight and Sports Night both from TWC News Austin. Michael Pearson, who is the news director for TWC News Austin, will also work in the same capacity for TWC News San Antonio. Newscasts will be anchored out of Austin but will have local reporters. Eventually the San Antonio channel will produce its own content.
    My take away: Time Warner seems like they don't have a lot of confidence in the channel if they are outsourcing production to Austin, which is a smaller DMA. They don't even have their own ND. The guy from Austin is going to run the channel. Who's supposed to make daily coverage decisions, especially if one guy has to run two newsrooms? Having said that, I hope this channel succeeds, even if Comcast's proposed merger goes through. It will give San Antonio a fourth English news operation again, since WOAI/KABB are basically one newsroom now (still using two separate buildings AFAIK). Will be interested to see who ends up on the channel. However, I won't be watching it, since I do not have Time Warner Cable and have no plans to switch back to that wreck of a company.
  • Source: http://www.mysanantonio.com/default/article/Time-Warner-S-A-news-network-debuting-June-2-5383548.php


[*]KSAT has begun running promos for Adam Caskey. I didn't pay attention to it so I don't know how it goes. I just know at the end, there's video of him along the S.A. river smiling with his name, he will be debuting in June and the KSAT logo on the screen. I'll see if I can catch it.

[*]Speaking of KSAT, they have released some details for their new lifestyle show they'll be launching this fall. From TVSpy:


Six months after leaving KDFW, Fiona Gorostiza is joining San Antonio ABC affiliate KSAT as the host of a new local lifestyle show, the San Antonio Express-News reports [note: I never found the article on their site and TVSpy linked to something else, not the article]


“It feels so good to be able to return to Texas, and to fulfill my dream of hosting a new program for such a powerful station,” ” Gorostiza said. The Express-News has details on the show, which will debut this fall:



… Two things instantly set KSAT’s “SA Live” apart: It will air in the afternoon, and it will come live from a downtown location — The Buckhorn saloon and museum on Houston Street — rather than a studio.


“The vibrancy at The Buckhorn really lends itself to the type of program we want to produce,” KSAT general manager Phil Lane said.


“SA Live,” described as a variety, game, interview and entertainment show rolled into one, will air at 1 p.m. Katie Couric‘s syndicated “Katie” will be dropped from KSAT’s 2 p.m. hour so ABC’s “General Hospital,” which currently airs at 1 p.m., can slide into that slot.

I'm sure many viewers are relieved to know Michael and Kelly at 9AM won't be going anywhere. KSAT does the best in that timeslot because of them. Although I don't know why they didn't put it at ten and tape delay "The View". Or, better yet, at 11 so I'm not subject to day-old episodes of "The Chew" where "Extra Value Fridays" airs on a Monday... But it doesn't sound like a typical show. I might actually watch this when it starts. I'd like to know if Fiona will be soloing or if she'll have a co-host. I guess we'll have to stay tuned to this one. Also, I don't think they have the studio space to do it from their main building, even if they wanted too. I'm still wondering if the studio from their old building was left intact because nothing has changed there. However they did get a new CG because the L3's animate in/out sometimes.



KABB has announced a replacement for Cynthia Lee. And it's not someone internal like I had thought. Guess Blaise wants to make his mark. This is straight from the Express-News:



SAN ANTONIO — Change seems to be the lead story at San Antonio TV sister stations WOAI and KABB these days — with the latest headline involving the Fox affiliate’s chief anchor replacement for the departing Cynthia Lee.


She’s Elisa Amigo, an anchor/reporter out of Cleveland. An Emmy winner for Best Weekend News, Amigo also was honored as one of Northeast Ohio’s top “40 under 40” Hispanic leaders.


The lovely new hire with the striking eyes will team up with the station’s 9 p.m. news anchor staple, Michael Valdes, starting May 19.

Lee is leaving the TV news game to spend more time with family as well as pursue a career as a full-time broker for Transwestern real estate brokerage.


In her seven years at Fox affiliate WJW-TV, Amigo has covered a wide array of stories including the emotional return home of the three Cleveland women held hostage for more than a decade and the mass shootings at Chardon High School


“As a journalist, she’s a real pro,” Dean Radla, KABB general manager said, “but most importantly, I feel our viewers will find her very personable and genuine, as well as a great on-air partner for Michael Valdes.”


Elisa grew up in Marietta, Ohio, and attended the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. She graduated cum laude and majored in broadcast journalism with a double-minor in Spanish and political science.

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I worked with a news anchor who battled an alcohol addiction. It's not just about someone having too much fun and getting carried away, there sometimes are much deeper issues we don't know about. My c

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Who will replace Woltering?


My guess is that it'll be Karen Swensen and Natalie Shephard for the time being.


Other tidbits: Woltering's contract expired in February yet the station asked him to stay on until the end of this month's sweeps. Also, stepping down was Woltering's decision. He's 67. His final newscast is the 10 pm show May 30.

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Fun fact regarding the Time Warner Cable News launch in San Antonio...this is the second time that TWC has attempted to launch a news channel in the market. In 2003, TWC launched "News 9 San Antonio" for their cable viewers; unlike its Austin partner, which would eventually last through the YNN years and is still here today, the San Antonio channel was a flop and folded by 2004.


It is interesting to see that TWCN Austin will handle most of the content to start before a gradual move to an entirely local operation. Maybe TWC wants to reduce startup costs and potential risk, as the Comcast merger is looming over their heads and Comcast has made no indication about whether TWCN will continue if the merger is approved.


Whether TWCN will continue post-merger would make for "interesting" speculation.

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KABB has announced a replacement for Cynthia Lee. And it's not someone internal like I had thought. Guess Blaise wants to make his mark. This is straight from the Express-News:


Elisa Amigo has done great work at WJW the past few years, and had been co-anchoring the weekend morning news alongside Mark Zinni. Good move by KABB, and best of luck to her.
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Speaking of Elisa's former employer, legendary WJW meteorologist Dick Goddard - after assisting in expanded severe weather coverage Monday night - had to be rescued from his car after the interstate off-ramp he was on became completely overwhelmed with rainwater. He was trapped in his submerged car for close to 45 minutes and started to suffer from hypothermia.


Mind you, Dick is 83 years old.

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Tom Wachs is leaving KCTV after six years as an weekend weather anchor for WITI in Milwaukee as an weekend meterologist.


Excellent. I couldn't stand him. Everything always had this sense of urgency to it. Sunny and clear skies for the next week? Always made it sound urgent like it was a hurricane instead.

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WDSU anchor Norman Robinson has set his retirement for May 30.


Robinson will continue to make occasional appearances on the station, including during the 2014 Children's Hospital Telethon May 31-June 1, the station said.

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Ariane Aramburo (co-host of WAVY's The Hampton Roads Show) announced yesterday that she was leaving for Alaska; and that today is (according to VARTV) her last day.

(Ariane makes passing comment on her exit)
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WJHG's longtime anchor Joe Moore retired earlier this week after 43 years at the station.


Hoping all the best in his retirement.


An interesting fact....Joe Moore has been at WJHG longer than their competition has been ON THE AIR! He started there in 1971, and WMBB signed on (as WDTB) in 1973.



Speaking of WMBB, it's been almost a month since the Nexstar sale was green-lighted. I wonder what the holdup is on the consummation?

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  • Boston: WHDH's news helicopter crashed while taking off from the municipal airport in Beverly, Massachusetts. Nobody was injured; the chopper apparently had an engine problem at takeoff.
  • Boston: Too many young people, too many New Hampshire residents. That's what Hearst says is responsible for an unusual ratings decline at WCVB—and at other stations in Boston.
  • Longtime WJHG anchor Joe Moore is retiring after 43 years with the station. The video shows some early WJHG sets including a use of the ABC-style circle 7. In the 6pm video which features an interview with Moore for a moment you can see a red line over a "13" on a door (interesting jab at the competition).

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This isn't the first time one of Boston's news helicopters have crashed; remember the KOMO crash? Apparently, the helicopter that crashed in that incident was previously the WFXT helicopter; by the time of the accident, all Fox 25 markings had been stripped off (it was serving a temp duty as KOMO and KING's copter while they were undergoing upgrades).

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